Why God?!?!?! WHY!!!!????

kenley I can’t believe that Kenley is STILL in on Project Runway… puh-leeeze!  I am so sick of her whining and crappy design.  Her outfit was so NOT HIP HOP tonight.  There was absolutely nothing attractive about that outfit.  And yet, she’s still there. I swear they are just keeping her for the whining effect and so that we can all watch her make a complete ass out of herself.


In other news… I’m completely exhausted.  I had late stuff for work Sunday and Monday nights.  Monday was a 12 hour day… 8 of them at a golf course.  I broke a tooth Saturday and since I couldn’t get to the dentist on Monday (the usual “weekend emergency repair” day) I couldn’t get in until tomorrow.  Work is so busy right now it’s exhausting but there is no slowing down right now.  The weekends are jam packed with stuff to do.  We’re participating in a garage sale in two weeks and I have NOTHING ready to go but lots of stuff that needs to go.  Hopefully this weekend I can get around to that.

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