Fall Is Here!!!

I love it, the leaves are turning.  The nights are crisp and cool.  I can wear my sweaters and soon my down vest will come out again.  I really think fall is my favorite.  Our photo shoot is set for Sunday morning… I’m so excited.  Our shirts are confirmed to be here Thursday.  Robert’s rocking horse has shipped and it should be here Friday.  YEAH!!!

I finished a big county grant that has been looming over me today.  It was my first year to do this one and my boss thought I did very well with it.  I’ve done similar grants for other counties so it’s kind of like riding a bicycle.

Things are just going so super well right now.  I’m text messaging a lot more with my niece and nephew and it’s nice to be a part of their world.  My nephew really did not take his first two years of high school seriously and this year figured out he might want to try to fix things.  He met with the counselors at registration (on his own) to see what he could do.  Each day he stays 3 hours after school making up courses and is also doing e-campus.  All on top of his current classes.  Last night he texted me that he completed a year of Plato in four weeks.  It’s nice to see him proud of accomplishing again.  He used to be furious if he got a B.  Unfortunately his mother does not value education and would prefer he drop out and get a job… thank goodness he’s not doing that!  He’s also totally looking forward to Robert’s birthday party… “I’m DEFINITELY coming to Robert’s party”.  So sweet.  He and I were thick as thieves when he was younger… I miss him and covet every minute I get of his time.

DSC01509 When was the last time you enjoyed a meal this much???  I think I have almost as much fun watching him as he has eating.  He’s getting more and more independent daily and his current kick is feeding HIMSELF.  It’s quite messy but oh so much fun.  And he has this much fun with so many things.  I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such a happy little guy.

I’m starting to get excited about the basement floor finally being finished and being able to spend more time down there.  I absolutely love the new desk.  98% of the time I use the laptop at home because it’s just more convenient but the main computer is so much faster and I have a great monitor that Jim got me for our anniversary last year.  Now I need to find some stuff for Robert to play on down there.  I’m thinking climbing/tunnel/slide type stuff.  Unfortunately winter is the worst time to hang out down there because it’s always a bit chillier than the upstairs… but awesome in the summer.  Jim should be able to finish the tile this weekend.  Eventually I’m going to want to paint down there too but not until we have a bit more time.


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  1. I am “very” proud of your nephew. School can be very difficult to catch up on – and for him to have such a drive to catch up and to get ahead is AMAZING !!! I am so glad that he has such a postive resources (You!!!) to stand beside him and guide him through what may be the most challenging days of his life. I love Robert… Aww… just love his smile. Even if it’s open mouthed. šŸ™‚

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