Portrait Session

Robert on Block 4X6

Robert Pumpkin 4X6

Family on Black 4X6

Robert Face Vert 2 4X6

Robert & Mommy Tight Crop 4X6

Robert & Daddy Tight Crop 4X6

Robert Crawling Leaves H 4X6

Family on Leaves 4X6

We had Robert’s portrait session today.  He was ACTIVE.  The poor photographer, he just did not want to sit still.  We got several “action” shots.  In the end these were my favorite.  The first one and the last one are the ones I ordered the most of to share with family.  The pictures of Jim and I together just did not work.  They had him on a stool with me on his knee and my head was way above his head… maybe for our Christmas shoot we’ll get one.

Jim and Robert took a THREE HOUR nap today so now Jim is struggling to put him to bed.  It’s actually quite comical.  I did not take a nap so I’m not being too incredibly sympathetic.  Especially since while he was asleep I was writing letters to go with the pictures to send to all his relatives.  Fair is fair.  🙂

Tuesday Jim goes to Chicago for one night.  Of course Tuesday is when I am in Columbia for a meeting all day but it should be out in time for me to get back and pick up Robert at preschool.  Most nights this week are going to be spent deep cleaning the house.  With all of our weekend activities it’s beginning to take its toll. 

My aunt who is hosting Robert’s party called me today.  She wants me to download the music to happy birthday so that we don’t sound so bad singing it (since none of us can carry a tune in a bucket!)  She also wanted to make sure I was going to shoot video so that we can put it on you tube and to see if I needed a tripod.  Poor woman… she wants everything to be perfect.  I’ve assured her it will be just fine.  She said she had a really good time pushing Robert around in his stroller yesterday and wished we lived closer so that she could do it every day.

And for the biggest news of the day.  While we were waiting for our prints we went to Border’s.  Robert crawled around the children’s section squealing with delight.  Then on our way out.  He took each of us by a finger and walked from the back of the store to the front… yeah!!!  He’s getting it!!!


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