On The Move

Robert explains how to get off the couch.  First… make sure Mommy is looking.  Yell if you have to.



Roll over on your stomach…


Gently lower one leg to the ground…


Then slide until both feet are on the floor.


You are now free to wreak havoc upon the free world.

In other news, we are two days away from the party.  I have my list made and am checking things off.  I am so excited.  I still want to finish a slide show of his first year.  I also got frames for my aunt and uncle who are hosting the party that say “I love my aunt” & “I love my uncle” so I need to get pictures in them.

Robert is supposed to take pre-made sugar cookie dough to school tomorrow for a class project.  Jim forgot to pick it up at the grocery store tonight so I got to go out for a bit sans the boys.  I hit Target, Babies R Us and the post office… I know, I’m a wild woman.

Jim is taking tomorrow off and FINISHING the basement… or else I am going to lose my mind.  The party is Saturday, he is out of town Sunday through Wednesday and then his sister and her family get here Friday…. I need the basement finished so I can put the house back in order!  I think he’s going to work just the morning next Thursday and stay home all day Friday too.  He has only taken 2 vacation days all year… he has the time.

I printed up little Robert at One fact sheets to send to some people with the new pictures of Robert so I’m trying to get all of them addressed and stuffed.  However, I’m losing steam tonight.  I think it’s time for me to go crawl into bed.


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