The party was great yesterday but the slew of emotions between dealing with my niece and nephew and worrying about them and then getting way too upset about the dog eating the cake.. yes, I cried hysterically… I wound up with a migraine last night.  I was in a dark room by 7 with no noise, etc.  It finally broke about 11 and I spent way too long trying to upload from livewriter with no luck.

Today Jim let me sleep in while he had some time with Robert.  I finally rolled out about 11am.  Robert was napping in the living room.  Jim said they had played hard all morning.  He finished packing and was out the door by 12:45 to go to Amarillo.  There was some flooding at the Amarillo airport and it was looking like their leg from Dallas to Amarillo was going to be canceled.  Luckily they managed to make it and didn’t have to come up with a “Plan B” at the last minute.

Angela came by today to pick up some clothes I had for baby Jonathan.  Angela is Robert’s favorite teacher and he was thrilled to see her.  Her son was born three weeks ago, five week premature.  He’s at children’s hospital and fighting hard.  He coded on Monday night, they think it was caused by a blood clot and he has another one in his heart but he’s managed to gain a pound… up to six!  Hopefully he’ll be coming home in a few weeks.

Robert and I played the rest of the day.  He was into everything!  When I was packaging up the cookies for him to take to school tomorrow he found the animal water dish in the kitchen and made quite the wet mess… he was so proud of himself.

He didn’t want dinner at 5:30 — absolutely would not let me feed him again so we tried again at 6 and he wolfed it all down.  We played until 7 and then he was ready to be held and go to sleep.  He’s been out for almost four hours now and I hope that means he’s going to sleep until at least 4 or 5 before he wakes up.  Generally he’ll go back to sleep if I bring him into my bed.

I’ve got so much to do this week since Jim’s sister and her family are coming next weekend and the house looks like a bomb exploded.  My plan is to get the top floors ready to go and Jim can finish the basement on Thursday.  Sounds fair, right?  I am going to set some of the stuff we’re wanting to get rid of that is still in fairly good condition by the curb tomorrow night.  We’ve got a small file cabinet and a couple of book cases that have a little water damage.  There is just no room with the new stuff in the basement.  Maybe they can find their way to someone who needs them.

Tomorrow Robert has his doctor’s appointment for his well baby check at 4:30pm.  Afterwards we’ll stop at the store and get some stuff we need.  Then I’m hoping my niece and nephew can come over for pizza and cupcakes.  I’m going to keep trying.


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