The Big Party – Part 1

I’m so miffed… I did a long post last night and livewriter won’t publish it from the laptop… so here goes again.

Yesterday was quite the day!  I went and picked up the cake in the morning and it was absolutely adorable!  I was so thrilled.  I also got the cookies and the cupcakes.

I had talked to my niece on Friday and her boyfriend was coming to the party with her so we had to rearrange transportation (again).  I’m busy getting stuff ready and my niece called me out of her mind.  Apparently her mother had an altercation with animal control and they called the police.  When the police came they found out she had an outstanding warrant so they took her to jail.  Calmed my niece down and changed plans once again.  Then my nephew called me and they weren’t coming at all – they needed to “be there” for their mother.  Oh well… disappointed but told them maybe they could come over later for cupcakes.

In rearranging the cars to accommodate all the changes in transportation we had decided to put the car seat in Jim’s car in my Explorer (forward facing!).  I couldn’t get the seat out of the car so I went in to watch Robert while Jim took care of it.  When Jim came in I heard him yelling at Harley and I immediately knew what she was in to.  I yelled “The cake?!?!”, he replied, “YES!”.  I rushed to see the damages and I lost it.  I was crying hysterically when I called my aunt (who thought it was very funny until she realized I was crying not laughing).  But then in talking to her (and her saying she’d run to hy-vee and get a cake we could serve) I looked at the cake and it was funny.  I had a monkey cake missing the back of it’s head… looked like an autopsy at the zoo.  It was still cute from the front if you overlook the missing ear (Van Gogh the monkey) so we took it to show anyway.

Here’s the monkey from the front:


And the monkey autopsy:


Everyone got a good laugh out of the cake and it will be one of those stories that is told time and time again at family gatherings.  I discovered today that Harley also got 8 of the 24 decorated cookies.  Grrr.

Aunt Barb helped Robert open his presents and Granny read the cards (just like at the baby shower that happened on the day he was born – thus causing me to miss it).

Robert got a lot of wonderful gifts.








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