What A Difference A Year Makes

This was my niece and nephew with Robert a year ago…


And here is the same motley crew tonight…

Donald Erika and robert 2008

They’ve all three changes so much in a year.  My niece and nephew finally made it over here tonight.  I raised the stakes to pizza and monkey cupcakes.  It was a nice evening.  We ate and chatted and the kids played with Robert.  It amazes me how great my nephew is with him.  He is so good with kids.  Erika just wants to kiss him… and he doesn’t mind that one bit either.  They were here for about an hour and a half.  I suggested that maybe we pick a night that they eat dinner here each week.  I think we’re all leaning towards Thursdays.  Jim is generally home on Thursdays and the kids have early release at school on Thursdays.  I’ll start texting them next Monday and hopefully we can get this to happen.  I miss them.  They miss me.  We need that time together.  They don’t fight when they’re over here.  They know I won’t put up with it.  We have good conversation.  We tell the “old” stories of their lives and my dad and their dad.

Robert woke up right after I finished posting last night… ugh!  So I didn’t get to sleep until after 12:30.  He woke me up again at 3 and then I overslept until 7:30… we’re usually out the door by 7:40.  I was tired today.  I yawned my way through finance meeting.

Robert had his doctor’s appointment today.  He’s 27 pounds and 31″ tall and healthy, healthy, healthy.  His shots are now up to date.  Doc was amazed that he calmed down so quickly (about a minute) after the shots.  He’s just a good kid.

Talked to Jim on the phone tonight.  He’s missing us as much as we’re missing him.  I thought tonight he’d be home tomorrow then I remembered no, it’s only Monday.. one more night.

Robert didn’t get to sleep until 8:30 tonight and didn’t nap in the car so hopefully he’ll sleep through the night.  If not I’ll just toss him in bed with me again.  He’s a snuggler…. I like that.

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