Boy That Was Fun

Group Photo We went to World’s of Fun today and had a great time.  Four adults… four and a half kids… just about the right ratio.  Auntie Deb doesn’t ride the rides so she was more than happy to play with Robert (as was Ella the four year old who thinks Robert is the neatest toy ever!)  We spent five hours at the park.  Rode most of the roller coasters.  Only got separated twice (not bad with a group of nine).  We are now back at the house and exhausted!  I so want to take a nap right now. 

Ella taught Robert how to go down the steps this morning.  It’s so cute, he crawls backwards until he gets to the first step then scoots down backwards on his stomach.  Fewer and fewer places safe when he’s around.

Tonight Jim is cooking a lasagna he made up a few weeks ago.  I think the kids are planning on giving the Wii a work out and the adults are hoping that bed time comes early.


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