They’re Here





Jim’s sister and her family arrived tonight.  We are looking forward to a fun filled weekend.  She and her husband have four children ranging in age from 4 -15.  We love it when they’re here but nine people in this house takes up every inch we have… which means EVERY inch needs to be cleaned before they come.  With Jim out of town earlier this week I was behind on everything.  We busted it to get ready in time.  The good news is the basement was finished (other than some consolidating book shelves, etc.).  We set the Wii up down there and it was a huge hit!  Jim and his sister went head to head on Mario Kart.  I got to play one game.  I haven’t even made my Mii yet!

Robert is in hog heaven having his aunt and his cousins here.  Debbie absolutely spoils him.  Tonight she rocked him to sleep.  We told her if he wakes up in the middle of the night we’re sticking him in bed with her!  Harley is a little too excited and has spent a lot of the evening in the garage since she wouldn’t stop running like a mad dog through the house.  Poor Cosmo, he’s a Mama’s kitty and does not like a crowded house.  He’s hiding out as much as possible.

Jim got home Wednesday with some bad news.  He leaves Monday for a week in Arkansas.  He’ll be back Friday night and then leave again Sunday after our 5K run for four days in Tulsa.  Him being gone the week I have an event at work is bad enough but being gone the whole week after we’ve had a big weekend and I’m behind on sleep, etc. is horrible!  I feel like a single mother.  The good news is this should be the last of the lengthy travel until after the first of the year.  And with the economy how it is I should just be grateful we both have really good jobs.  I’m going to miss him.


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