And They’re Gone

Debbie, Doyle and the kids loaded up and left around noon today.  We were all standing in the driveway saying good bye when a 7 or 8 point buck rounded the house on the corner heading for our house.  I was the only one facing that way and couldn’t come up with any intelligible words.  Luckily it stopped and turned around.  It was quite the sight.

This afternoon Jim and I got to play with the Wii a bit.  I now have my own Mii.  I’m not too shabby at bowling but  I think I’m developing Wii shoulder.  Afterwards we all took long naps.  Jim got to spend some quality time with Robert this afternoon.  He knows missing five days at this age is the potential of missing a lot.  Thank goodness for camera phones and email.. I can at least send him daily pictures.

Here are some more pictures from yesterday.

Ella absolutely adores her baby cousin and wants to be playing with him EVERY minute.

Robert & Ella

Robert was ready to go!

Robert & Daddy REady to Go

Managed to capture a family picture for them.  Debbie, Doyle, Aaron, Sarah, Anna & Ella… what a good looking family.

host family

Speaking of good looking…

Jim and Susanne

Robert wasn’t sure about meeting Snoopy

Robert Meeting Snoopy

And I couldn’t resist posing with my all time favorite character

Susanne & Snoopy

Waiting in line for the Mamba…

Sarah & Jim

Anna & Susanne

Robert doing his impression of us riding roller coasters

Debbie & Robert 

Robert also got to walk around a bit

Anna Jim & Robert

And ride on Daddy’s shoulders

Robert on Jim's Shoulders

And eventually he was tuckered out

Robert Sleeping

I can hardly wait for Christmas when we get to go visit them.  We have to get together more often!


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