Our Night

Robert and I had a pretty good night.  He seemed tired tonight and was asleep in his crib before 7.  That lasted until about 8 when he woke up and was doing his very sad cry.  I brought him into bed with me and he settled in.  Then he woke up for a bit to entertain me before crashing out again.  I just put him back in his crib and am hoping for a good long sleep before he wakes again.  Now that he’s older and realizes Jim isn’t here I think it upsets him a bit.

The good news is the house is still in really good order from the major cleaning for this weekend so it’s been easier to keep it up.  I got the trash out tonight while Robert was in his crib… and thankfully didn’t let the dog out this time!  Robert was in our room when Jim was ready for me to call him so we had to settle for texts tonight.  I also sent him a series of emails from Robert tonight detailing his evening in pictures.  I know Jim misses us terribly and this will be the longest he’s been away.

Here are the pics he got tonight.

Entertaining Mommy to make sure she’s not lonely.

Robet Not Sleeping

Trying to figure out how to text Daddy to let him know I’m taking good care of Mommy.

Robert with phone

Trying to get the camera from Mommy to take a picture of her to send Daddy.

trying to get camera from mommy

Crashed out on Daddy’s pillows.


Isn’t that just the sweetest little face ever.

sleeping close up

I also caught up with my nephew via text message tonight to let him know there is a Wii in the house now.  I’m hoping he and his sister can come to dinner Thursday night.  We’ll order pizza and play with the Wii.  I’m trying to make Thursday night dinner a tradition for us… keeping my fingers crossed we can pull it off.


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  1. You know I love that little face… Hope you are all able to get together tonight and play a little Wii !!! Fun-fun… I still love our Wii… 🙂 ¥

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