A Tradition Begins ??? (Fingers Crossed)

dinner thumbs up This picture actually has nothing to do with this post.  It’s just a shot of Robert from last night that I really liked.  I’m too tired tonight to download the camera so today’s pictures will have to wait.

Donald and Erika did come by tonight.  We had such a great time.  Pizza and Wii… our new Thursday tradition.  I told them I’m planning on them being here and ordering pizza accordingly so they just need to let me know by Wednesday if they are not coming.  I’m loving the $5 pizza mia’s from Pizza Hut.  Erika wants pepperoni, Donald cheese… I get mushroom and it’s only $5 per pizza.  Plus I send their extra pizza home with them.

Tonight we bowled, played tennis and golf, boxed (that will wear you out!) and played Mario Kart.  I picked up two more controllers and wheels today so we’re good for up to four now  🙂  The kids had a blast making their Wii’s… Donald pointed out Erika’s looks quite a bit like Sarah Palin LOL!  I loved being able to hang out with them, catch up on their lives and laugh together.  They got grade cards.  Donald reported that he had two Fs (ugh) but that he had already talked to both the teachers and is taking steps to rectify the situation.  I hate the F’s but I love the fact he’s taking responsibility for it and taking corrective action.  That will serve him more in the future than any grade.  Donald is so good with Robert.  He loves his cousin so much.  It’s so much fun to watch them together.  Erika is really good with him too but Donald is just over the top.

Yesterday morning a furnace motor overheated at the preschool.  We were running a bit behind so we weren’t there when the alarms went off.  When I pulled up their were fire trucks and ambulances on scene… that’s a bit scary.  Luckily the electrical contractors behind our building open up their building in case of emergency so our kiddos hung out in their conference room until the air cleared and we could get the alarm reset.  The best part was the building evac went off without a hitch.  We drill and drill but it’s always great to see when the situation is real everyone did great.

Jim gets home tomorrow!!!  YEAH!!!  I get him for two nights.  Saturday we have advance packet pick up for the 5K from 11-1.  I told everyone Jim and I could handle that.  Sunday we have to be at the 5K at 6:45 to get things set up.  We’ll be done there about 10:30 and Jim will probably have to be on the road by noon.  I really think I’m going to declare November 1 MY DAY.  Jim and Robert can go hang out and I can have some time to sleep and scrap, etc.  I really want to do some Snapfish books of Robert’s first year to give as Christmas presents. I deserve it!  Robert’s been really good this week and slept pretty good.  If he wakes up in the middle of the night he will go right back to sleep in bed with me.  This morning I woke up and Robert was horizontal across the pillows with me beside him and Harley on the other side of me.  It had to be quite a sight. 

Last night I stopped at Hallmark to get another roll of the Snoopy Christmas wrapping paper.  Turns out the store I was at started their promotion early where if you bought one roll of wrap you got a roll of the jumbo wrap free… I cleaned up!  I now have FIVE rolls of the Snoopy wrap and four rolls of their other Christmas wrap.. I love pretty packages.  I need to get Donald’s jersey ordered.  I’m getting him a personalized Dallas Cowboys jersey with his name on it.  I asked him tonight if he was a Cowboy what would his number be.  He said 13 so that’s the number he’s going to be.  I know he’s going to love it.  I’m still working on figuring out what Erika’s WOW gift will be.  She’s easy to buy for but finding that one thing that is going to make her really happy is a bit harder.


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