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We Went, We Saw, We Shopped

Robert Saddle Ranch

I could not get to sleep last night to save my life.  I was up until after 2am.  Needless to say I was doing no DoorBusting this morning!  I did roll out about 8 and run to a few stores.  Office Max was my biggest purchase.  Updated virus protection and photo paper.

I came home and grabbed the boys and we headed to The Legends.  Robert looked soooo cute in his Christmas shirt.  He LOVED seeing all the people, he really is a good little shopper.  We picked up a lot of stuff for ourselves.. new tennis shoes, sweaters, etc.  I did get one Christmas present.  All I need now is purse for my niece and then I’m done with all our local family.  We still need to decide what to get for Jim’s sister’s family.  But we have time.  We can even catch the after Christmas sales there.  We also ran to Jake’s in the Village to pick up new Life Is Good Christmas shirts.

I found a couple of sweater possibilities online tonight for the Christmas photo.  We’re running to Zona Rosa to scope out the new Dillards.  We’re also taking Robert to see the Fairy Princess, a Kansas City tradition.

I’m toying with getting Robert’s hair cut.  As you can see in the picture, it’s quite out of control right now.  It drives me crazy but it’s sooo cute.  Maybe wait until after the Christmas pictures.


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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We had such a wonderful day.  Robert was in rare form entertaining his grandmother and great aunt.  We ate, and ate, and ate.  Unfortunately my chocolate pie was not up to snuff… enough said about that.  We did laugh until we cried though with my aunt cracking jokes about it.  My wonderful husband actually choked down a whole piece – even when I told him it was not necessary.  Robert really enjoyed his pumpkin pie… and my mom’s potato casserole.  My aunt and I taught Robert to put black olives on his fingers before dinner.  Then he got the idea to feed them to us off his finger… we were olive stuffed!

Tonight Michael’s opened at 6 for a pre-Thanksgiving sale.  I went to get a really cool art set I saw for my niece but they didn’t have it.  So I got her a really nice portable easel and a lot of supplies.  She’s extremely creative and I hope she will really enjoy it.

We have so much to be Thankful for.  We have wonderful family and friends (several of whom texted today which was really neat).  Our life is hectic but we love it.  Jim and I both have jobs we really like (not to mention we’re both employed!)  Our son is happy and healthy. 

Tomorrow I’m out the door early.  Kohl’s opens at 4.  There are several stores opening at midnight this year.  They showed the line at Zona Rosa, they’re giving a $25 gift card to the first 1000 shoppers.  The line is already over a mile long.  Insane!  There are a couple of deals that I’m after tomorrow but nothing that if I don’t get will be really disappointing.  I think we might go to Legends Mall in the afternoon as a family… if I’m not asleep on the couch.


He’s looking so old in this picture.  Where’s my baby!


Note the olive on the index finger.


The spoon was merely decoration today.  He preferred to eat with his fingers.


Mr. Potato Face.


A little after dinner nap.


He LOVES pie.


Going strong well into the night… when he should have been sleeping!!!

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Feeling Better



Robert stayed home today and got to feeling a lot better.  He was in rare form tonight.  When I got home it looked like a tornado had hit.  He had taken everything he could out of drawers and it was strewn all over the kitchen and living room.  Apparently he had a whole lot of fun doing it.  The really big news is that he took FOUR STEPS BY HIMSELF!!!  YEAH!!!!  He actually looked as surprised as we did when it happened.  Maybe he’ll start getting a little more interested in walking.

I had a pretty light day at work today.  I had to get the deposit done in the morning.  Then we had a board meeting that I didn’t think would ever end.  Once that was done I finished a report that needed to be mailed today and called it a day.  Was nice to get off a few hours early.  I ran to the store and then headed home.

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Winter Hat I’ve been battling a sinus infection for over a week.  Finally yesterday I caved and called to make a doctor’s appointment for today.  A few hours later the preschool called… Robert had a fever.  So called the doctor’s office and changed it from one appointment for me in the morning to two appointments for us in the afternoon.  Jim took the morning off and stayed home so I could get some work done at the office.  I came home at noon and we headed to see the doc.  Antibiotics all around.  I also got some eye medicine for Robert because pink eye is going around and doc agreed better to have it on hand than have to wait until Monday because of the holiday weekend.

Robert was in a very cuddly mood when we got home.  We had quite wait at the doctor’s office so we read “That’s Not My Reindeer” over and over.  He really likes touching the different elements on the pages.  He just wanted to lay in bed with me and chat.  He’s so funny, he just babbles on.  We also read quite a few more books.  I’m loving the Vick’s baby rub.  It really seems to help him breathe when his little nose is stuffy.

Tomorrow I have one project I have to get off my desk and board meeting.  After that I should be able to duck out of the office a bit early.  I need to run a few errands and pick up the ingredients to make a chocolate pie for Thanksgiving.  I think I’m also going to buy a back up pie… like we really need that around but it is a long weekend  🙂

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Home Movies

Can you tell what Robert’s favorite toys these days are???  He loves his phone and his horse.  I’m glad I had a chance to upload some video to You Tube tonight.  Had to get it out to the relatives.  This boy talks ALL the time these days… it’s so cute.  In other news… I’m now watching the Real Housewives Atlanta reunion for the THIRD time tonight trying to see the last 7 minutes… boss called the first time to update me on a meeting that I totally forgot about tonight during the first broadcast; during the second broadcast Robert had woke up upset and needed Mommy for a bit.  Third time’s a charm???  If I can stay awake.

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Thanksgiving Ready


Thanksgiving is fast upon us.  I’ve already had two Thanksgiving dinners in preparation for Thursday.  Last week we had our Thanksgiving lunch at the day habilitation program at work and tonight we served Thanksgiving dinner at Ronald McDonald House.  Both were wonderful meals but the best is yet to come.  Once again we’ll be going to my Mom’s.  I’ve never had Thanksgiving anywhere but her house.  This year I’m in charge of chocolate pie.  I’ve found a recipe that looks pretty good and easy.  If not, there’s always Tippins  🙂  This year it will be Mom, us and my aunt and uncle.  My niece and nephew’s mom wants them to stay at their house this year but my nephew has promised my Mom he’ll come out and spend Friday through Sunday with her.  I know she’s really excited about it.

I’m really looking forward to four days with my boys.  Things are so busy right now it seems like we have so little family time together.  We did spend all day yesterday shopping together and had a really good time.  Bath & Body works was having a special where you could get any 7 of their signature line (bath gel, shower gel, lotion, etc.) in any scent, mix and match for $35 then get the 8th free.  I cleaned up with my $10 off your purchase of $30 or more.  Got a lot of stuff to put together a gift for my oldest niece.  I also had a bunch of coupons for Barnes and Noble, the clerk joked with me that he was going to owe me money!  We picked up a Big Bertha driver for Jim for the bargain basement price of $70 at Manstravaganza (which was a huge waste of time otherwise).  Robert is growing up so fast.  He’s such a happy little guy and I’m so thankful for that. 

Yesterday Jim got cabinet locks on the cabinets.  Robert is NOT happy about that and spent a good amount of time trying to rip them off the hinges this morning.  My aunt and uncle picked up the spare full size bed we had in the basement to take out to my Mom’s house so I’ve got more space down there now.  Jim’s getting ready to re-build the tv box above the fireplace in the living room so it has a nice finished look again.  That should be done by Thanksgiving.  I need to order new blinds for the living room and dining room so both those rooms will be completely redone.  Oh yeah… I also want to get some of these for the wall between the kitchen and the living room.

I’m hoping to get the external hard drive hooked back up this week and make some photo books of Robert’s first year for Christmas gifts.  I also need to figure out what we’re going to wear for our Christmas photo this year.  It’s getting harder and harder to find something I like in all of our sizes.  I am also I wish the weather would decide what the heck it is doing…. 32 degrees one day and 57 the next is wreaking havoc on my sinuses.

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Only 37 Days Until Christmas!!!

I am so ready for Christmas… other than the fact the house isn’t decorated… and a whole lot of cleaning needs to occur in the next 37 days.  But I thought I’d share some of the gifts on tap…


LF Alphabet Drum

The Leap Frog Alphabet learning drum.  He has the guitar and loves it so I thought we’d add another instrument to the band.


The V-Smile Baby learning system.  With the basement remodel done (see below) we’ll be able to hook this up to the TV down there and let him go at it on his level.

V Tech Hauler 

The VTech Pull and Learn Car Carrier.  Lots of wheels!

LP Farm

Little People Farm and…

LP Airport

… Little People Airport just because I love the Little People.



From me… the Griddler by Cuisinart.  Now he can make paninis and pancakes until his heart is content.

Top Chef Cookbook

From his Sous Chef Robert, the Top Chef cookbook.

KU Basketball

A recap of last year’s KU Basketball season from the fur babies.

I’m still trying to come up with a few more things for him.  I know there were some things he mentioned at Home Depot a few weeks ago when we were there.

And of course… had to pick up some stuff for me since the sales are so good…

red boot loden bootred vestred therma shirt

A few new Land’s End all weather mocs… these are the most comfy shoes ever!!!  I absolutely lived in my black down vest the past two winters so I decided to add a red one this year.  And of course, I needed a new therma shirt to go with the vest  🙂

Tomorrow we are also going to pick out new living room furniture.  That will let us move the current furniture to the basement.  We’ll get rid of the pink recliner (that Cosmo has destroyed — grrrr!) and move the blue recliner back to Robert’s room.  I’m so excited.

We are also hosting my side of the family Christmas Day… I’m so excited.  My Aunt and Uncle usually do it but they are going on vacation right before Christmas so now they don’t have to feel like they have to rush back and get ready for company.

We’re hoping Jim’s Aunt and Uncle can come stay with us for a few days after Christmas and then we’re going to his sister’s in Nebraska for New Year’s Eve and to spend a few days.

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