Happy Halloween!!!

We had a great day!  Jim was off today and got to participate in all of the preschool activities.  The preschool is in a light industrial area and all the businesses buy candy for our kids to go trick or treating.  Robert was fairly unimpressed by the whole process but I think he did enjoy the ride.  It was actually too hot for him to wear the top of his costume comfortably… since when is it 75 degrees on Halloween!  At 8pm it’s still 67 degrees out… insane.  When I was a child it was always cold and rainy on Halloween and you had to wear a coat over your costume!

Are we done yet

Treats over there!

Robert Ghost Footprint

I ran home at 3:00 to pick Jim up to come to the party.  The invitations were so cute… Robert’s footprints made into ghosts.  I made cute little treat bags for Robert’s class with Heather Ann’s new treat topper kit.


Robert & Daddy

After the party we headed to my aunt’s house for our only Trick or Treat of the night.  Robert had such a good time.  We went across the street so he could meet Hazel.  Hazel was one of my grandmother’s best friends and watched me grow up… now it’s time for the next generation.  Since Kansas has advanced voting my uncle wouldn’t be home until late so we took my aunt out to dinner.  When we got back she let Robert play in the massaging chair.  He now wants one for Christmas I’m sure.

Robert & Bucket

Robert and Aunt Barb 1

Robert & Boo Bear

Tomorrow I’m headed to All About Scrapbooking for MY day.  Robert and Jim are going to hang out together and I get a whole day to myself!  Now I just need to get all my stuff gathered up and I need to get a photo order into Walgreens.  Hopefully I don’t fall asleep first!


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