I Did… Did You???

Printelect---I-Voted-Today Finally… it was time to cast our ballots.  Voter turn out was heavy here but the lines were very manageable.  Jim got up early and headed to the polls… they opened at 6:00 and he was back home by 6:35.  I left my office at 8:45 and was back by 9:35 (and that included about 35 minutes of drive time). 

I’m glad the election is over.  I’m tired of campaign ads.  I will say that I was more informed about the issues this year than ever before.  I knew EVERY ballot measure that I was voting on when I entered the building and actually knew how I wanted to vote and why.  I can’t type long tonight because I am busily watching returns.  My biggest hope right now is no matter who is elected we can come together and work together and put our differences aside for the overall good.   Easier said than done… but it is my hope.


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  1. I am so glad that it is over. So very tired of bad ads, and hostile people. Kind of like watching my family on TV… lol…

    Great post… hopefully, we CAN all come together as a United America.

    Hope you are well. Kyra¥

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