Birthday Weekend

This weekend was Jim and I’s birthday weekend.  He was yesterday, I was today.  We had a pretty low-key weekend and it was just fine with us.  We actually exchanged presents Friday night because that’s just how I am  🙂

Jim’s Gifts

Jim Birthday Gifts

My Gifts

Susanne Gifts Wrapped

Susanne Birthday Gifts

Susanne Birthday Cards

Robert Signing Daddy’s card

Robert Signing Card

Everyone in our family gives and gets presents… even the cat and dog, yes, we celebrate their birthdays on the appropriate day.  This year each of my children (furry and non) got me a Hallmark ornament.  They all also got me cards that were just perfect for their individual personalities.  According to Jim he thought the woman at the Hallmark store was starting to think he was casing the joint since he read so many cards.  Jim got me a new 160G super compact external hard drive and case…. yeah!!!

Jim got a new charging station/valet for his night stand, a KU sweatshirt and cologne. 

Yesterday I ran to Penney’s and did some shopping in the morning on my own.  Got a great short wool coat for $69… regularly $200… score!  I really needed it too.  I also picked up another new outfit and some Christmas presents.  In the afternoon we all went to Metro North Mall.. which is dying a slow and painful death.  They’re closing the Dillard’s clearance center there.  We picked up four pairs of brand name slacks for Jim for $12.36… love the 80% off final mark down price.  I also got my hair cut.  Then it was on to Home Depot to pick up a new Christmas tree.  While we were there I told Jim I wanted him to pick up some tool sets and organizers and really fix up his work bench area with hand tools.  We’ve got a ton of power tools but do we have a complete set of wrenches or screwdrivers?  Not until yesterday.  He spent a lot of this afternoon fixing up that space.

Today I ran to Target, Kohl’s and Babies R Us.  More Christmas shopping.  I’m loving the early sales and all the coupons I have right now.  It’s making it easier to really budget the holidays and pay cash since it’s extended our season.  I picked up a V-Smile Baby system for Robert and the Little People Farm set.  I hope he loves them both.  So far he’s making out like a little bandit.  I think there are three more things on his list of things to get.

My Mom, Aunt Barb and Robin got back from their trip to Chicago yesterday.  I’ve spoken to all of them and they really had a great time.  Aunt Barb said she and Robin are kidnapping me next Saturday to go to the Wachtersbach warehouse sale and then out to another Christmas store in Grandview and to lunch.  I can’t wait.

Since Jim is supposed to be in town until after the first of the year… yeah right…. he had to run to Springfield/Joplin tomorrow.  Luckily it’s only one night and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate enough that he won’t be driving in anything really nasty.


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  1. I completely missed your birthday… OMG… I didn’t even know it was in November. Happy “late” birthday. You and Jim have birthday’s one day apart? Love that. 🙂 Congrats on the hard drive… I got one myself a few months ago… I feel better knowing that I have it.
    Your coat deal is amazing… I should go to Penney’s more. There is one 15 miles away, and I just don’t go there.
    Sounds like you have been busy. Take care… Sorry I missed your birthday. Kyra¥

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