Only 37 Days Until Christmas!!!

I am so ready for Christmas… other than the fact the house isn’t decorated… and a whole lot of cleaning needs to occur in the next 37 days.  But I thought I’d share some of the gifts on tap…


LF Alphabet Drum

The Leap Frog Alphabet learning drum.  He has the guitar and loves it so I thought we’d add another instrument to the band.


The V-Smile Baby learning system.  With the basement remodel done (see below) we’ll be able to hook this up to the TV down there and let him go at it on his level.

V Tech Hauler 

The VTech Pull and Learn Car Carrier.  Lots of wheels!

LP Farm

Little People Farm and…

LP Airport

… Little People Airport just because I love the Little People.



From me… the Griddler by Cuisinart.  Now he can make paninis and pancakes until his heart is content.

Top Chef Cookbook

From his Sous Chef Robert, the Top Chef cookbook.

KU Basketball

A recap of last year’s KU Basketball season from the fur babies.

I’m still trying to come up with a few more things for him.  I know there were some things he mentioned at Home Depot a few weeks ago when we were there.

And of course… had to pick up some stuff for me since the sales are so good…

red boot loden bootred vestred therma shirt

A few new Land’s End all weather mocs… these are the most comfy shoes ever!!!  I absolutely lived in my black down vest the past two winters so I decided to add a red one this year.  And of course, I needed a new therma shirt to go with the vest  🙂

Tomorrow we are also going to pick out new living room furniture.  That will let us move the current furniture to the basement.  We’ll get rid of the pink recliner (that Cosmo has destroyed — grrrr!) and move the blue recliner back to Robert’s room.  I’m so excited.

We are also hosting my side of the family Christmas Day… I’m so excited.  My Aunt and Uncle usually do it but they are going on vacation right before Christmas so now they don’t have to feel like they have to rush back and get ready for company.

We’re hoping Jim’s Aunt and Uncle can come stay with us for a few days after Christmas and then we’re going to his sister’s in Nebraska for New Year’s Eve and to spend a few days.


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