Feeling Better



Robert stayed home today and got to feeling a lot better.  He was in rare form tonight.  When I got home it looked like a tornado had hit.  He had taken everything he could out of drawers and it was strewn all over the kitchen and living room.  Apparently he had a whole lot of fun doing it.  The really big news is that he took FOUR STEPS BY HIMSELF!!!  YEAH!!!!  He actually looked as surprised as we did when it happened.  Maybe he’ll start getting a little more interested in walking.

I had a pretty light day at work today.  I had to get the deposit done in the morning.  Then we had a board meeting that I didn’t think would ever end.  Once that was done I finished a report that needed to be mailed today and called it a day.  Was nice to get off a few hours early.  I ran to the store and then headed home.


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  1. Glad everyone is feeling better…. also VERY happy that Robert is walking. Look out now !!! 🙂 ¥

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