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Can you tell what Robert’s favorite toys these days are???  He loves his phone and his horse.  I’m glad I had a chance to upload some video to You Tube tonight.  Had to get it out to the relatives.  This boy talks ALL the time these days… it’s so cute.  In other news… I’m now watching the Real Housewives Atlanta reunion for the THIRD time tonight trying to see the last 7 minutes… boss called the first time to update me on a meeting that I totally forgot about tonight during the first broadcast; during the second broadcast Robert had woke up upset and needed Mommy for a bit.  Third time’s a charm???  If I can stay awake.


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  1. It’s so awesome hearing Robert talk… and you too !!! Sounds like you have a Southern accent. 🙂 Love the little horse… ¥ P.S. Love Real Housewives… so addicting to watch.

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