One Tired Boy


In all the hub-bub of the holiday weekend it was easy to forget that Robert normally has a pretty scheduled day.  Combine that with the fact that he has been off his schedule since last Tuesday because of his sick days and I think he had a pretty long day.  He was in a really good mood when I dropped him off and picked him up from preschool.  As a matter of fact he chatted up a storm all the way to school this morning.  I could barely get a word in edge wise.  However, tonight after dinner he was TIRED.  He played around on the floor for a bit and then at about 7 climbed up on the couch with his stuffed cat and by 7:15 he was sawing logs.  Poor kid.  No nap time with Daddy today really wore him out.  I’m hoping he’ll sleep all through the night.

Jim’s in Great Bend, KS tonight so Harley is barely consolable.  She’s been in and out all night and is now laying on the bed with her head in my lap.

The weather here turned cold Saturday and we had some rain/snow mix.  Apparently winter is finally here.  I’m so not ready!!!  Hopefully we’ll be able to rearrange the garage so I can park in it this winter.  It’s so cold to go out in the morning… especially for Robert.  At least if the Explorer was in the garage it would be a lot warmer in the morning since the garage is partially heated from the house.

Our city’s fine Mayor Funkhouser (google him and check his picture…. the man seriously could be Lurch’s stunt double) is making national headlines again with his wife.  This morning they were on Good Morning America.  This is so embarrassing.  With all the big issues we have going on in Kansas City right now we’re having to deal with the fact that our Mayor can’t leave his crass wife at home so the city is now being sued for her making racist comments in the Mayor’s office.  It’s insane I tell ya.  Meanwhile I’m looking for our water bill to triple in the next five years to pay for sewer repairs that have been long neglected and underfunded.  What a mess.


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