13 Days

Robert & Mommy

Robert & Santa


Wow… only 13 days until Christmas… and they are jam packed!  Wednesday we went to a Christmas party at Longview Mansion.  It really is a gorgeous estate.  Robert had so much fun (and looked so adorable).  We sat at the back of the room and right behind our table there was a little platform area in front of the windows with a bench that ran the length of the windows.  He had a good time going back there and waving at us with a huge grin on his face (last picture).  He finally got to the point where he would crawl towards Santa & Mrs. Claus and and wave and say “hi”. 

Last night we had our Christmas pictures taken.  We had a 7:40 appointment and got in at 8:30.. ugh!  I was so worried that Robert would be tired and cranky but he was a real trooper.  We got awesome pictures.  Unfortunately I left the CD at my office today so I’ll have to run by there tomorrow to pick it up. 

Tomorrow I am going to a brunch for my Soroptimist group board meeting.  It’s at our president’s house and I know it will be a good time.  Before I go there I’m going to run to the office and pick up the aforementioned CD (only about 20 mile roundtrip out of the way).  After the meeting I’ll head to Cabela’s to pick up Jim’s gift from Santa.  I think he’s going to be pretty surprised.

Sunday it’s supposed to be in the 60s so we’re going to go to the Plaza.  We’ll meet my Mom at Crown Center at some point to pick up some gift baskets she’s made up for us.  We also have to get the garage straightened around this weekend so that I can park in it.  I’m NOT parking outside one more winter. 

Wednesday night we have a board gathering after hours for work.  Thursday Jim is in Springfield and will be home late.  Next Saturday I’m taking my niece and nephew to do their Christmas shopping and Sunday I’m having friends over with their kiddos to have a cookie making party.  Only 7 more working days until Christmas vacation!!!  I am SOOOO ready.



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2 responses to “13 Days

  1. 13 days is right !!! Can’t believe it can you? Seems like just yesterday it was Summer, and I was taking my kids to the cabin. Amazing.
    Love the photos of the little man and Santa – as well as the photo of you both. Aww… so sweet. 🙂 The bottom photo makes Robert look so tall – he must be growing fast right now.
    This weekend is snow, and more snow for us. We are going to buy a new Snow thrower in the morning. Great Christmas present… Whoo Hoo… But it sure beats shoveling. Maybe I will feel better about it after our first big snow fall. Until then, I will wish that money grew on tree’s and I could buy what I really want… Stampin’ Up ! supplies. Ha.ha… Oh well. Maybe next month.
    Hope you are well. Take Care… Â¥

  2. Hiya
    I cant believe how much he has grown!! He’s such a darling!! 🙂
    Been a while since I read your blog, in fact, that long you were on blogspot!! Ooops!!
    Hope all is well with you and yours


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