What Do You Mean Eight Days???

It can’t be eight days until Christmas.  I have so much to do!!!  All the gifts are bought, wrapped, tagged and ready to go (some even delivered to where they will be opened).  The cards got done last night and in the mail (busiest mailing day of the year… I didn’t want to be left out!)  I still have a home made gift to finish for Jim that I’m hoping I have the energy to do tonight.  WE had a board happy hour so I got home late and have lost some valuable time.  I just hooked up the new cable box downstairs and it looks like it’s trying to program.  Hopefully that will work so I can listen to Top Chef while I work. 

It’s been a whirlwind week.  Saturday night we decorated the tree.  Robert was un-decorating it as fast as we could put the ornaments on the bottom branches so the tree is now safely in its little gated community.



Sunday was a lot of fun running errands for Mom.  We were eating lunch at Crayola Cafe before delivering the theater ticket to my Aunt at 1:30 when we saw her and my Uncle walking around so they joined us for lunch and some shopping afterwards.  They are just ga-ga over Robert so he was thoroughly entertained.  The weather was a roller coaster Sunday.  It was 62 when we left the house at 9:00am and 24 when we left Crown Center at 2:30.  It’s been cold all week.  It was four degrees when I left for work Monday…. I do not like four degree weather.  Tomorrow we’re supposed to get freezing rain… not looking forward to driving in that.  Perhaps it will miss us… please!!!


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