Vacation Is Going Way Too Fast

It’s Monday already… and Monday night to boot…. I can’t believe how fast our time off is flying by.  Friday we finished up our Christmas shopping for our Nebraska relatives.  I knew we had time since we don’t leave for there until Wednesday and it allowed us to take advantage of the after-Christmas sales.  We also managed to catch up with my best friend Renee for lunch before she left town.  We boxed up the tree and finished de-decorating the house.  That’s the fastest that’s ever occurred but I needed the space in the living room.  I got a new toy bin organizer for Robert’s room and all the bins are labeled.  Perhaps I’m becoming a bit OCD… it would definitely help our house keeping if I would.  The weather was close to 70 on Friday… it was insane. 

Saturday… not so warm.  We ran to Terry & Robin’s for a bit where Robert learned a new love.. cheesecake… yes, Aunt Bobbi had a great time filling him up on cheesecake filling.

Robin Feeding Cheesecake

Eating Cheesecake

Eating Cheesecake 2

Cosmo and Robert have both had a good time playing in the toy bins.

cosmo in a bin

Robert in Bin

Sunday morning I was asleep and Jim went to the store.  I woke to him calling, the Explorer is broke down, I’ve called AAA.  Had it towed to our neighborhood NTB which has the nicest employees.  They informed us it was the fuel pump… happy $764 to me.  The gift that you can’t re-gift.  Fortunately it happened here in town where we could get it taken care of immediately and not while we were on our way to Nebraska since we’re taking the Explorer this trip.  It still bites. 

We got home and I fell asleep on the couch, I hadn’t been feeling good.  When I woke up I stumbled on the smoker that Jim was putting together in the middle of the living room floor a few times before making it to the steps only to fall down them.  I have a nice bruise that covers my whole right forearm now.  Ugh.  I decided just to go to bed and stayed there until 8:30am this morning when I woke up and remembered we had house guests coming this afternoon.  Got up and got the cleaning finished.

Aunt Sherry, Uncle Gary, Scott & Chelsea got here about 2:30pm and Robert put on quite the show.  Jim finally got him to sleep at 9.  He did not want to go down but he was exhausted.  He had just gone down for a nap about 30 minutes before they got here and it was the only nap he’d had all day.  They will be back on the road tomorrow morning and we will start getting ready for our trip.  I have to call the vet in the morning and get Harley in for her shots and hopefully they can board her while we’re gone.  If not, we’ll call Pete N Macs.


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  1. I dislike car repairs… Hope that your arm is feeling better… OUCH !!! Â¥

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