Busy, Productive Day

Jim fixed a big biscuits and gravy breakfast for the family this morning.  Afterwards it was time for them to pack up and head on down the road.  The visit was way too short but at least we got to see each other.  Here are pics of Robert opening his gift yesterday.  He loves the little tractor he got.

Robert Opening Hoover Gifts 1

Robert Opening Hoover Gifts 2

Robert was taking a nap so I ran to Target to stock up on some basics that we needed.  They had gift bags 75% off… whooo hooo!!!  I had all the Nebraska gifts to wrap still and was not looking forward to an afternoon of paper and tape.  They are now all ready to go.

Nebraska Gifts

At three it was time to take Harley to the vet for her check up and vaccinations.  She absolutely loves the vets office.  They could not believe how great she looks after her summer illness.  Of course she was acting like a little crack addict gobbling up the treats.  She really is a good dog, when she wants to be.  She and Robert were playing tonight and she is so good with him.  Right now she’s stretched out on the bed next to me.  She’s up to 65 pounds, our little chunk.

Harley Girl

Robert took a nap with me this afternoon and then he was going strong tonight.  We have taken the gate off the stairs going up to the bedrooms and he is really loving his new freedom.  He spent most of the time that I was gone today helping Jim with laundry.  It was hilarious watching him take things out of the basket as Jim was trying to fold.

Robert On The Go


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  1. Thanks for the Harley update… I have been honestly wondering how she has been doing. She looks great, and healthy. I am so glad that she made a turn around… Robert… well… I need not say more. LIttle cutie. Look at all his personality coming out… I love it !!!
    Life has been crazy here… sorry that I haven’t commented in awhile. I do checkin from time to time though. 🙂 ¥

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