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A Day of Firsts

Robert’s hair has been looking really shaggy… and he was sporting a mullet so it was time to get it cut today.  All in all he did pretty good, a few tears but he did sit still.  I wasn’t totally prepared for him to look so old afterwards but he’s still handsome.

Got the Keys


She's Got Scissors

Not Happy

She Ruined my Mullet

Not Sure

Not Sure 2


After the hair cut we did the weekly Target run.  Robert was exhausted and slept in my arms the whole time (he wasn’t comfy in the cart).  We grabbed some lunch and then I called my friend Amy.  They were all at the ice rink so we ran by there.  After Olivia’s ice skating lesson was over we decided to go to Penguin Park (only the coolest park in KC).  It was Robert’s first trip to the park and his first time swinging… he loved it.


Hole 2


T-Rex 2

T-Rex 3


Tunnel 2

Tunnel 3


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Sunday is Starbuck’s Day

Jen Caputo - Digital Sketch

Robert wants ANYTHING Jim and I have.  On Sunday mornings, it’s Starbuck’s.  Since he’s still a tad bit too young to share in my Venti Mocha, he gets to play with the empty cup afterwards.  Layout is Set 20, page 1 from Jen Caputo; kit is Lil Troublemaker by Mindy Terasawa.

Today was another cold day so we hung around the house.  Robert took a super long nap this afternoon on Jim’s chest.  I putzed on the computer a lot. 

Tonight I took a soup to the local Ronald McDonald House for our Soroptimist monthly dinner.  This month’s theme was “Souper Bowl”.  Of course, Jim made the actual soup – a Mexican Chicken & Vegetable. 

On my way home I stopped and picked up some more photo storage boxes.  Trying to sort through the old family photos and at least get them in a semi-chronological order so I know what I have and can start scanning the ones I want to scrapbook.

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Scrapping Saturday

The boys have both been punky today.  They took a long nap in the morning and another one in the afternoon.  I was up early to get Cosmo to his vet appointment for his vaccinations.  He wasn’t thrilled about it but was a pretty good sport.  He is missing his top three teeth… I don’t know if he ever had them and if he did what happened to him.. I tell you, that cat is a mystery sometimes.

I did some housework and a bit of purging but also had some time to do a quick page album.  The album is Petit Noel by Baers Garten Designs

Fairy Princess

Christmas Tree

Visiting Santa

Christmas Eve at Grannys

Waiting for Santa

Christmas Morning

CHristmas Day at Our House

Christmas in Nebraska

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The Boys

Tonight was Pizza & Wii night… only Donald made it over.  He’d rather play with Robert than the Wii.  He is so good about playing games that Robert enjoys… like Peek A Boo.

He’s also willing to just sit and do whatever Robert is doing… here they were rocking…

Robert has a bit of a stomach bug right now.  Got sent home from preschool early yesterday and had to stay home all day today and go to the doctor (thus Jim dressed him in his “Doctor in Training” scrubs).  He’s doing a lot better tonight so I hope we can all to go work/school all day tomorrow.  Of course it was 65 here today but will be bitter cold for the weekend… I just love our mid-west weather.  Would someone please give Mother Nature some estrogen!

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Monday Already???

Why do the weekends fly by so fast?  We had a great time at Wonderscope yesterday and apparently they watch who links to their site because today I got two free passes just for linking them… sweet!

Robert had a great time.  He was very entranced by the exhibits.  I loved the little apron he wore at the water display so much I got him one to bring home.

Template is Simply Yin #31, kit is Modish Boy by Shabby Princess.


I’m exhausted so I’m going to go curl up with my book.  Morning has been coming really early lately!

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And We’re Off!

I’m trying to stay on top of scrapping (just a little) so last night I scrapped the pictures of the boys reading.  The layout is another Cindy Schneidermann template, set one, page four.  The kit is Gina Cabrera’s Bookworm.

Read To Me

Today we are heading to Wonderscope.  I think Robert will have a good time.  I’m taking the big camera with me in hopes of getting better pictures… love the shutter speed on the Rebel.

I made a good dent in Dewey last night.  So far I’m loving it.  The true story of a small Iowa library that adopted a kitten.  I’m a sucker for anything with fur.

In other random news… I’m addicted to Mafia Wars on Facebook.  If you would like to join my Mafia, please let me know.  I need another family member to make it to the next level!

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Family Errand Day

It is nice to have Jim home and for me to be back feeling human.  I slept late this morning but think I needed it.  After I got up and we had lunch we headed out to do a few errands.  Of course, a decent day of errands has to begin at Target. 

I picked up a Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner.  Has anyone tried one of these???  I decided to give it a shot.  We have a really small shower and if it would help keep it clean daily it would cut down on the scrubbing I have to do and I’m all for that.

After Target we went to Barnes and Noble.  I was wanting a Starbuck’s Mocha and I had a 15% off one book coupon.  Plus I love Barnes and Noble.  Robert slept the whole time we were there in his stroller which was disappointing because he loves the bookstore.  They were having a great 75% off sale and we wound up getting quite a few things.  I picked up this book… I’m a sucker for animal stories.


We stopped at Staples and I picked up a new 320 gig external hard drive so that I could finally back up my pictures and scrapbooking kits and put the drive in the fire proof safe.  I’ve been meaning to do that for months and now that the drives have gotten so cheap.  I got mine today for $90.00.  Staples also has a great rewards program where they give you back 10% on everything you spend on ink and paper along with money for your used ink cartridges.  I love getting money back!

After our errands we came home and just hung out together.  Playing with toys, reading to Robert, I did some scrapbooking.  This is a layout of him with his new car.  The template is from Cindy Schneiderman, Template Set 1, Page 4.  The kit is Michelle Martin and Melissa Bennett’s Room A Zoom Zoom.

Robert car

Jim and Robert spent some time tonight looking at Robert’s new books.  I love how interactive he is when we read.





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