We’re Home!

We’re back home… our trip to Nebraska was too short but we had a lot of fun.  New Year’s Eve we went to a party at their neighbor’s house.  Robert stayed at their house with his girl cousins and their friends.  I was a little nervous about leaving him alone with such a young crowd but apparently wasn’t as nervous as their father who later confessed to me he called three times and popped in on them all before 8:30pm (we didn’t leave until after 7:00pm).  He was fine.  When we got home this is what we found on the couch…

Robert New Year's Eve

New Year’s Day was rather low key.  I slept in and then took a long afternoon nap… so relaxing.  That night we exchanged presents.  Robert had such a great time.

RObert at Tree

Tree with presents

Robert Opening Gifts

I got two new Wii games that I’ve had a blast trying out tonight and tickets to the Lincoln Children’s Museum for Friday.  Unfortunately Jim was sick on Friday and couldn’t go to the museum with us.  Robert had such a good time, it’s a really neat place… we will definitely be going back.

Auntie Deb Explains the Options

RCW Ready to Explore

RCW in Tunnels

rcw blocks first 

RCW Blocks middle 

rcw block final

This morning we headed back home.  Robert was a great little traveler again this trip.  After we got home I went and picked up Harley and she was really happy to see me.  We spent the rest of the evening playing with the Wii and snuggling on the couch.  It’s good to be home.

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