Getting Back in the Groove

Boy morning came early today.  After 13 days off it was time to go back to work.  I was not ready!  I love my job and my co-workers but it was so great to have so much time off with my boys.  Tonight they were watching the Fiesta Bowl and I went upstairs to find this…

Fiesta Bowl Boys

Fiesta Bowl Boys Closeup

I love the one sock on, one sock off on Robert… and the way he crosses his ankles when he sleeps.  He is so my child in when he’s tired he can sleep in any position and it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the room… or that Daddy is snoring right beside him.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my One Word for this year.  I finally decided yesterday morning that I had to get my word chosen that day.  As I was buying a second toy bin shelf for Robert’s room and a new storage tub for the pool I thought about ORGANIZE.  We could use a bit more organization around here.  I’m trying to get the basement uber functional so that I can do more work on my main computer (since graphics stuff is pretty slow on the laptop) and also get my scrapbook area organized.  The storage closet needs a good going over so that I can actually get to what’s stored and since a lot of things got stuffed in it during the floor tiling.  There is also family friendly furniture down here now and Robert’s V-Tech gaming system so there is no reason we shouldn’t spend more time here… except it needs organizing.  The thought of organizing led me to PURGE.  From purge I quickly jumped to ARSON so thought I better re-think things since I don’t think Ali was trying to inspire felonies.

FIT came to mind when I was watching a special on Water Parks in the World.  There is no way on earth that my current badonkadonk is getting in any bathing suit and traversing through a water slide.  But I want Robert to be able to do it in a few years… and I want to do it with him… so fit is needed.  I also thought about how one of our goals is to get more financially fit this year.  We both feel fairly recession proof in our current jobs but one never knows.  We’ve budgeted to live on one salary… perhaps we should do that for a year so that the other salary can help us feel more secure and Robert’s college future can start being paid for.  But I didn’t like that.

Then I started thinking of words like NURTURE, AFFIRM, LIVE, LAUGH, etc. but none of them seemed right.  Then for some reason I started thinking about my Dad’s funeral.  The minister did a beautiful eulogy about how my Dad was a builder.  Not only of buildings (he was a pipefitter) but also of a family and relationships… so, my word for 2009 is BUILD.  I want to BUILD memories for my family, I want to BUILD relationships, I want to BUILD my career, I want to BUILD our savings… yep, BUILD it is for 2009.

I have also been wanting to do a Project 365 sort of thing.  I saw the awesome kit that Becky Higgins did but it was sold out.  And let’s face it, I don’t get around to paper scrapping that much these days (perhaps if I BUILD my scrapbooking area!).  Then I found this at Sweet Shoppe Designs… PERFECT!  I am even current to date on my photos… layouts not so much yet, but I do have the photos! (although it has only been five days).

I did get all of our Christmas thank you’s finished tonight.  For Robert’s I took 4X6 scalloped pieces of card stock and wrote Dear XXXX,  Thank your for the XXXX.  Love Robert in black Sharpie marker and then had him color on them with his new magic markers.  I think they looked cute. 


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