They’re Conspiring Against Me

Robert wanted some more to eat a few hours after dinner tonight… which is not his normal.  He even went to his high chair… Harley was inside so I was pretty sure they had something up their collective sleeves… I was right… and I got video proof.


Robert has also figured out how to reach his light switch from his crib allowing him to signal us not only with audio but also visually.



I’ve got one big problem with Robert right now… any advice is welcome.  He’s started biting me.  Not real hard, not super maliciously but it can hurt!  When I tell him “NO!  DON’T BITE!” he just laughs at me.  It’s super frustrating.  So far the only thing that works is to walk away from him or try to distract him with another activity.  I’m concerned that when I try to verbally reprimand him he just laughs at me (and it is a cute little laugh).  Suggestions???

Thanks to Shari I bought a whole SLEW of new templates today from Simply Yin Templates I swear I bought every one there was on the site.  Now I’m dying to dive in and do some scrapping.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the 60s here.  Then on Saturday the 20s… that’s so unfair!!!

My nephew called tonight… he had a meeting at his high school about financial aid for college.  He really needs to go to that and that meant he would have the car so I called my niece and we re-scheduled Pizza and Wii night for Monday.  He was so apologetic but I assured him that his future was more important and told him if he brought the info over with him I’d help him sort though things.

I’m off to unzip templates!  YEAH!!!


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