Thank God It’s Friday!!!

Man… first week back, it was rough… no afternoon naps, no sleeping in (unless you count us oversleeping!)  I’m ready for some family time!  Unfortunately the weather was 57 today and is going to be in the 20s tomorrow.  I’m trying to figure out something for us to go do together since Jim will be gone most of next week.  I have done a nice job of filling up the nights he’s gone… big kids are coming over Monday for re-scheduled pizza and Wii night; Amy and Nancy et. al are coming over Tuesday for Wii and some Crock Pot concoction that I’m still trying to decide on.  Wednesday is Soroptimist Board meeting and then Thursday Jim will be home!

I have managed to get a few of our Christmas pictures scrapped in hopes of someday having enough to order a book.

Both are templates by Simply Yin.  Kits are both by Melissa Bennett.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning

There is a woman missing who lives a few blocks from here.  Her husband is apparently the main suspect right now.  Anyway, I came home tonight and there were three police helicopters circling the neighborhood.  Don’t see that every day.  Apparently the police were searching the house and thought they found a bomb.  Haven’t heard yet if it really was or not.  I think we’ll be setting the alarm for the next few nights… at least until the body is found.


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