Today Sucked

I woke up this morning with a horrible migraine.  I tried to get ready to go to work but just couldn’t.  I felt so bad I asked Jim to work from home today. 

I’ve noticed this week that the furnace hasn’t been heating up to where I want it.  Earlier we couldn’t get past 70, this morning it was 66.  I asked Jim to call the repair man… thank God for the home owner’s warranty.  Apparently there are a couple of intake filters on the furnace we didn’t know about.  They’re clean now and the house is finally warm.  Thank goodness… with the -4 weather we’ve been having I didn’t need to be without the furnace.  Luckily we do have the gas logs and the portable heaters for in a pinch.

Finally about 6 tonight the headache broke and I’ve been up moving around in hopes that I’ll be able to sleep tonight.  Heather Ann posted a link to so I set that up for my Project 365, there’s a link on the right side.  It’s pretty cool.  I also finished my layouts for last week.

January 4-7

January 8-10


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  1. I feel ya on the furnace. We had to get our’s cleaned also. It was freezing!

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