Sunday is Starbuck’s Day

Jen Caputo - Digital Sketch

Robert wants ANYTHING Jim and I have.  On Sunday mornings, it’s Starbuck’s.  Since he’s still a tad bit too young to share in my Venti Mocha, he gets to play with the empty cup afterwards.  Layout is Set 20, page 1 from Jen Caputo; kit is Lil Troublemaker by Mindy Terasawa.

Today was another cold day so we hung around the house.  Robert took a super long nap this afternoon on Jim’s chest.  I putzed on the computer a lot. 

Tonight I took a soup to the local Ronald McDonald House for our Soroptimist monthly dinner.  This month’s theme was “Souper Bowl”.  Of course, Jim made the actual soup – a Mexican Chicken & Vegetable. 

On my way home I stopped and picked up some more photo storage boxes.  Trying to sort through the old family photos and at least get them in a semi-chronological order so I know what I have and can start scanning the ones I want to scrapbook.


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  1. Scanning photos is somethign that I have been working on. Fun… but time consuming. Alas… my photos will be so charming when they are so organized. Can’t wait to finish up.
    I think everyday is Starbucks day… 😉 ¥

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