A Day of Firsts

Robert’s hair has been looking really shaggy… and he was sporting a mullet so it was time to get it cut today.  All in all he did pretty good, a few tears but he did sit still.  I wasn’t totally prepared for him to look so old afterwards but he’s still handsome.

Got the Keys


She's Got Scissors

Not Happy

She Ruined my Mullet

Not Sure

Not Sure 2


After the hair cut we did the weekly Target run.  Robert was exhausted and slept in my arms the whole time (he wasn’t comfy in the cart).  We grabbed some lunch and then I called my friend Amy.  They were all at the ice rink so we ran by there.  After Olivia’s ice skating lesson was over we decided to go to Penguin Park (only the coolest park in KC).  It was Robert’s first trip to the park and his first time swinging… he loved it.


Hole 2


T-Rex 2

T-Rex 3


Tunnel 2

Tunnel 3

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  1. Oh… Doesn’t he look like the big guy. So cute… I love the hair cut photo… tears apparent -and mom with a camera in his face. 🙂 lol… Poor Robert. But Mommie took you to the park… that counts for something. 🙂

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