We’re STILL Sick!!!

Turns out Robert has a nice little case of rotavirus and a double ear infection.  Ugh!  The good thing is he’s on the upswing.  His mood has been great the whole time.  The doctor actually asked me Monday, “Is he always this happy?”… um, yeah pretty much… unless I’ve just told him no, then he’ll be pissy for a few minutes.  Jim left town Sunday leaving me alone with the sicko.  Monday I stayed home from work and took him to the doctor.  Tuesday my Mom and Uncle came and watched him for a few hours while I ran to the office to do some work and attend a super successful meeting.  Today my sick child care fell through so I was home again but needing to do some work so I broke out the laptop in the dining room.  It’s been an interesting four days and I’m really glad Jim is home now!  We’re keeping Robert out of school the rest of the week (he’d probably be ok to go Friday but why push it).  Robert and Jim will have some nice time to reconnect while I GO TO WORK!!!

I did get some cute pictures the past few days.

Monday Robert was so tired when he got up that he drank his pedialyte in the kitchen and then fell back to sleep on the kitchen floor.

Asleep Kitchen Floor

Tuesday when I got home he was asleep on the living room floor.

Asleep Living Room Floor

He and Harley posed for several pictures.

Robert & Harley

Robert & Harley 2

Today he helped me answer e-mails…

Answering Email

… and invented the cordless mouse phone.

Cordless Mouse Phone


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