16 Months

16 months

16 Things at 16 Months

1.  Robert is 33″ tall and weighs 30 pounds
2.  His favorite foods right now are cheese, nurtigrain bars, bananas and anything his parents are eating.
3.  He loves to snuggle and hates to sleep alone.
4. Mommy is still his favorite person on earth, daddy is a close second.
5.  He loves to swing at the park.
6.  Miss Angela is still his favorite teacher, and probably always will be.
7.  He loves playing with his dog and cat and is starting to say “KaKa” for Cosmo.
8.  Bath time is awesome!
9.  His favorite book is “The Moo Cow Book” and Mommy & Daddy both have it memorized!
10.  His laugh is the greatest sound on earth.
11.  He is a very happy little boy… even when he doesn’t feel good.
12.  He is cautious in new surroundings but warms up quickly.
13.  He has a cheesy grin he slaps on when he first sees the camera.
14.  He’s FAST!
15.  He understands every word you say!
16.  He has been such a wonderful blessing for our family and we are incredibly lucky he is ours!


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