Wrapped In Love

A couple of months ago I told my Mom that I had been looking for a quilt for Robert.  Something that would grow with him but something that was his.  I’ve been surfing Etsy but thus far hadn’t found just the right quilt (that I could afford).  Today at lunch Mom surprised Robert with this.


Mom found the pattern in a catalog and enlisted the help of her uber-talented friend Linda Cohron to make it.  Linda chose all the fabrics and they couldn’t be more perfect.  Even the back fabric is perfect.  I’m sure he’s going to love it for years to come.  I know I love that he has it and it was made with so much love.  Linda had a daughter who was in my class. We went all through grade school and high school together.  Her freshman year of college she got sick over Christmas break.  It turned out to be leukemia and she passed away before the end of freshman year.

Of course, Cosmo had to test drive it… but eventually he let Robert sit on it too.

Cosmo Test Drive

Robert & Cosmo

And Robert took my first nap with it. 

RC Test Drive

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