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Thanks Babe!

jim periscope I’ve always told Jim I married him because I knew he’d be a great Daddy and I was right.  Last night Robert had a smidge of a fever.  He also threw up.  I think the fever is the teeth that are coming in and the throwing up was due to coughing from drainage due to  allergies…. but I wasn’t sure.  We decided it would be best if he stayed home today.  Oh no, not today, I can’t.  I simply can’t be gone from work until at least Wednesday.  I have two grants due and today I had a meeting with a panel of congressional representatives to discuss the stimulus package.  Jim said no problem, he’d stay home.  And he did.  And he’s staying home again tomorrow.  I can tell by Robert’s eyes he’s not feeling good.  Still no significant amount of fever and only throws up if he’s having a coughing fit but would probably benefit by seeing the doctor and the first appointment available was tomorrow at 11:30am.

I went to my meeting this morning and ran into a woman who is very well respected in the KC non-profit community.  She turned me down for a job in January 2007 but sent the most gracious turn down letter you’ve ever seen.  When she saw me she came over to see where I’m at now and ask how I’m doing.  I got to share with her that it was good I didn’t take the job since two months later I quit working while having a miserable pregnancy.  She hugged me and took my card.  Before we parted she said she needed to hug me again.  Turns out the person they hired instead of me didn’t stay on so they had to go through the process all over again.  The job I’m in now is so great because of the people I work with and the on-site preschool that I’m not looking currently but she’s a good person to have interested in where you are and what you’re doing.

This afternoon I finished up the small bits I had left to do on my two grants.  Unfortunately my boss wasn’t in today so tomorrow she’ll sign off on them and they’ll be out the door.  Next on the list is design print collateral for our spring dinner/auction.

Tonight I was able to get a lot done around the house.  It’s nice to have some energy and getting stuff done makes me want to get more done.  Right now there is a lot that needs to be done since we’ve been busy/out of town the past two weekends.


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So Glad We Went

So, Saturday was the 13th Annual House of Hope Gala in Lexington, MO.  I have actually been to all 13 and am only one of a handful of people who can say that.  We woke up Saturday morning to worsening weather conditions.  The snow that was supposed to have come over night didn’t but now we were dealing with the possibility of freezing rain.

My Mom is one of the original board members of House of Hope.  She’s dedicated a significant part of her time the past 13 years to this organization.  She also organizes a “Chocolate Challenge” at the gala every year.  Saturday was also the 7th anniversary of my dad’s passing.  The only gala she missed was 7 years ago… it was five days before dad died.

The morning became a flurry of phone calls between my mom, aunt & uncle and I.  Do we go out there (40 mile trip to mom’s ) or stay.  My first conversation I had with Mom she said to stay home, it’s not worth it.  I told her we’d see.  The second conversation I had with her, her voice cracked one too many times and she said she just wasn’t into it this year.  I talked to Jim and we agreed if we got on the road by noon we’d make it to her ok and then decide if we could go on to the gala but at least we’d be with her.

I called her back to tell her we’d be on the road in the hour (still had to pack and get Harley to the kennel).  She started to protest and I finally told her that the day was as hard for me as it was for her and she needed me there.  She started crying and said yes, come!  We stopped on our way out there at the BBQ I grew up going to and got some food.  I could tell when she opened the door she was really glad we were there.

Robert was on fire Saturday afternoon.  He went above and beyond in the cute department entertaining his grandma.  I love watching her watching him.

About 2 we decided we’d make it to the Gala.  Mom had someone picking her up at 4:30 and we would follow at 5:30 after our sitter got there (Jessica — I used to baby sit her!)  Mom wasn’t super into the gala and Jim and I wound up running the chocolate challenge for the rush.  I generally know a good amount of the people at the gala… after all I’ve been to all of them and they’re friends with my Mom, etc.  The really cool part of the evening started with a woman coming up to me.  She looked at me and said, “You’re Maribeth’s daughter, aren’t you?  I love your mother.”  She went on to tell me how much my mother has touched her life and how highly she speaks of me and how much she loves Tank and did I have a picture.  The conversation went on for over 15 minutes.  And she was just the first of about 7 people I didn’t know coming up and telling me similar things.  And the funny thing is, Mom doesn’t see it at all… she thinks these people are crazy for thinking she’s anything special.

The funny part of the evening was the Chocolate Basket drawing.  The chocolate challenge works Chocolate Traylike this…. people bring in their best chocolate dessert to be entered into a contest.  The judges each get a small sample of each.  Everyone else can pay $3.00 and get a plate that they can fill up.  It serves two purposes, it brings in extra money and it eliminates the need for a dessert course in the meal.  Mom also usually does some sort of raffle.  This year it was a huge tray filled with chocolate goodies.  Two entries for $5.00.  I won it!  Thank goodness Mom didn’t actually draw the name, she had a friend do it.  We got some good natured ribbing about the contest being fixed.

Robert had a little bit of a rough night.  He hadn’t napped all day and hadn’t really eaten well.  He wound up throwing up about 1am which led to a room switch for us.  Apparently he got up this morning and helped himself to some of my nieces markers (we were in her room).  I woke up to my Mom laughing at his antics.  She fixed him French Toast for breakfast.  He toddled around the house and showed off until it was time to leave.  Unfortunately this afternoon he got sick again and has a fever… no school for him tomorrow.  I have meetings and deadlines the next two days so Daddy will be staying home with him.

Rewinding to Friday night… Robert found a pair of Jim’s safety glasses and thoroughly entertained himself (and us) for over 30 minutes.

Safety Glasses 1

Safety Glasses 2

Safety Glasses 3

Safety Glasses 4

Safety Glasses 5

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Robert Broom Petersens This is not at our house… although we do have the same broom and the same color carpet.  This is at a friend’s house on Sunday.  We were there for a BBQ.  They had FOUR brooms… Robert was in heaven.  I don’t know what it is about this boy and brooms/mops/long handled dusters!  He did have a wonderful time though.  When he thinks Jim or I are going outside he yells “OUTSIGH!!!!” with such exuberance there have been a few times I went ahead and went outside with him even though I was actually just going upstairs to put something up or let the dog out.

Facebook has gotten a little more interesting.  My niece (16) and nephew (17) have added me to their friend list.  Oh I wasn’t ready for a look into their worlds.  Actually… his is all unrequited love pining for some girl who likes him but “just as friends” and he would lie down in front of a freight train for her.  My niece has some photos that I think are tasteless and had some references to adult beverages.  The big thing was my nephews best friend was in photographs smoking.  I found this out via myspace a while back and have been wondering what to do about it.  I’m a smoker and not a hypocrite but when I got home tonight Donald (nephew) was IMming me and told me Robbie said “hi”.  I told him to tell Robbie that I said “hi and to quit smoking, he can’t afford it so quit now while you can”  Robbie denied smoking… until I told him what his brand was.  That led to a discussion of character.  If you’re going to do it then admit to it… especially when you’re caught.  And remember… Aunt Susie knows EVERYTHING.  I told Robbie I’d give him a pass for lying to me this time (he admitted he was scared) and he was still welcome in our house, etc. but not to do it again.  He said he wouldn’t.

I called my niece and talked to her about posting things hinting that she was drinking, etc.  She denied drinking and I actually believe her but we had the conversation about putting things about yourself out there in the universe to look cool that could come back to bite you in the butt later.  I pointed out to her that she had posted that she enjoyed alcoholic beverages… which for her is illegal.  She actually took our talk really well and wasn’t defensive (her normal reaction).  I told her I’d understand if she “unfriended” me and that if she was going to continue posting stuff like that she might want to or endure more calls from me.  She actually said, “I see no need to do that”

I also talked with all three of them about how what they put out on the internet is not as secure as they think it is and how you don’t have to be someone’s friend to necessarily know what’s on their page.  There is linking in through comments on photos and there’s always knowing someone else who is their friend, etc.

So that was my evening… parenting via facebook.  It’s never dull.

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It’s A Fun Life

Robert is a lot of fun these days.  Jim is great about finding new ways to entertain him.  A few nights ago he made a fort for him out of his two little chairs and a few blankets.

Fort - First Check Out

Cosmo helped him check it out.Fort - First Cosmo Check

Daddy soon found out he could easily destroy this fort so he tried again.  This time he used the high chair… vaulted ceilings!

Fort - Large

Fort - Large Helicopter

We also read a lot of books.

Reading - Intent

Robert likes to point out things to Daddy he may have missed.

Reading - Pointing

But when he sees me lurking with her camera he has to give me a big cheesy grin!

Reading - Cheesy Grin

Jim put Robert in his KU shirt yesterday and sent him to school only to discover they didn’t play yesterday but rather today so Robert and I stopped on the way home from school and got him another KU shirt so he’d have one to wear today.  Apparently it’s lucky… they won  🙂

Jayhawk Round One

Tonight I went to a visitation for a co-worker’s mother.  She was 58 and had early onset Alzheimer’s.  My friend had helped care for her for the past 10 years… I can’t imagine.  She had a ton of photos on display along with her parents wedding invitation, her Mom’s high school diploma and a lot of other things commemorating the big things in life.  It was a really nice tribute to her Mom.

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Welcome Spring!!!

The weather here was awesome on Tuesday!  We came home from school and hit the back yard!  Robert LOVES running!

Robert Running 1

Robert Running 2

Robert Running 3

Robert Running Fast!

He played on the slide a bit.

Robert Top of Slide

Robert Top of Slide 2

Afterwards he had to swab the deck!

Robert Swab Deck

Tonight the weather was nice again so he played fetch with Harley.  These two together are adorable.  She is this combination of rambunctious and gentleness… he may get knocked down but always really gently and always on his bottom.  Robert loves playing with her but also expects her to “obey” him… has he met her???  She obeys no one!

Fetch - Robert With Ball

Fetch - Harley Down Wall

Fetch - Harley Giving Ball

Fetch - Harley Taking Ball

Fetch - Harley Waiting for Robert to Pick Up Ball

Fetch - Robert Talking to Harley

Fetch - Robert Throw Ball

Fetch - There's The Ball

I’m so hoping that the weather holds for this weekend but it looks like it’s going to be rainy.  Either way I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with the boys… and ordering a whole lot of pictures… I haven’t sent pictures to the out of town relatives since Christmas!  Where has the time gone??

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Back Again

Things are starting to change a bit.  I STILL have this awful sinus infection.  Nothing seems to be touching it.  It has to be this bi-polar weather we’ve been having.  17 one day 71 the next… sheesh!  I wish Mother Nature would decide on something for a week or so and let my body get used to it.  Couple that with daylight savings (which I hate!!!!) and my poor body is just out of control.  I had just started waking up at 6:15 every morning… no alarm, just waking up.  Of course, now 6:15 is now 7:15… not so great.

My funk has been slow to lift but a funny thing happened.  I talked to Jim about it last Friday… he’s been in a bit of a funk too… and I feel a lot better now.  Of course, it’s just been the weekend so we’ll see how I feel after another week of work.  This isn’t exactly a great time to be anything it seems but try being a non-profit fundraiser… yeah, just peachy in this economy!

I’m beginning to wonder why I buy this little guy toys.  He’s more enamored with pots and pans, mops, brooms and dusters.  He really throws himself into cooking.

Robert Cooking Pot

Robert in Pot

A couple of weeks ago when the weather was nice for the weekend I stopped on the way home and got Robert a little slide thing for the back yard.  He couldn’t wait for Jim to get it put together.  I finally had to bring him back inside so Jim could finish assembly.  Then we let him back outside.  He went running over to it, climbed the steps, went down the slide… and was done with it.  The rest of the day he played with a rake!  Luckily he’s gotten more into it on subsequent visits.

Robert Top of Slide

Robert Slide

Of course with all this playing outside we’re having to do more baths.  He still loves the tub and is a splashing fool!!! Robert Tub

Robert Tub 2

I think Robert was trying to box himself up for shipping.  Once again… why do we buy him toys???

Robert Shipping Out

Friday night was the Snake Saturday charity bbq.  Triality had two teams and Jim was cooking for the Tots team so we were all there all night.  Robert did great and had a great time running around. 

Robert Hat

Robert & Jim 2

Robert & Jim

Robert Hollywood

Today we ran to the Legends to hit Osh Kosh and Carter’s.  Little man had no t-shirts that fit him so we needed to stock up.  Weatherman says 73 tomorrow and even nicer on Tuesday!  Whoo Hooo!

My new favorite picture of Robert… he absolutely loves being outside.  Or “outsigh” as he calls it.

Robert Outside

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Sniff, Sniff

I swear I will be back here soon!  This weekend I’ve been a bit sidetracked by sinuses and daylight savings time.. I loathe daylight savings time.  We did have an awesome day hanging out as a family yesterday and I have the cutest Robert story.

It was about 8pm.  He was asleep on the end of the couch and had been for a few hours.  Jim and I were sitting at the other end of the couch talking.  All of a sudden Robert raised up his head, looked at us and said “shhhhshhh!!!” then laid his head back down and went back to sleep.  I nearly died laughing.

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