Welcome Spring!!!

The weather here was awesome on Tuesday!  We came home from school and hit the back yard!  Robert LOVES running!

Robert Running 1

Robert Running 2

Robert Running 3

Robert Running Fast!

He played on the slide a bit.

Robert Top of Slide

Robert Top of Slide 2

Afterwards he had to swab the deck!

Robert Swab Deck

Tonight the weather was nice again so he played fetch with Harley.  These two together are adorable.  She is this combination of rambunctious and gentleness… he may get knocked down but always really gently and always on his bottom.  Robert loves playing with her but also expects her to “obey” him… has he met her???  She obeys no one!

Fetch - Robert With Ball

Fetch - Harley Down Wall

Fetch - Harley Giving Ball

Fetch - Harley Taking Ball

Fetch - Harley Waiting for Robert to Pick Up Ball

Fetch - Robert Talking to Harley

Fetch - Robert Throw Ball

Fetch - There's The Ball

I’m so hoping that the weather holds for this weekend but it looks like it’s going to be rainy.  Either way I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with the boys… and ordering a whole lot of pictures… I haven’t sent pictures to the out of town relatives since Christmas!  Where has the time gone??


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