Robert Broom Petersens This is not at our house… although we do have the same broom and the same color carpet.  This is at a friend’s house on Sunday.  We were there for a BBQ.  They had FOUR brooms… Robert was in heaven.  I don’t know what it is about this boy and brooms/mops/long handled dusters!  He did have a wonderful time though.  When he thinks Jim or I are going outside he yells “OUTSIGH!!!!” with such exuberance there have been a few times I went ahead and went outside with him even though I was actually just going upstairs to put something up or let the dog out.

Facebook has gotten a little more interesting.  My niece (16) and nephew (17) have added me to their friend list.  Oh I wasn’t ready for a look into their worlds.  Actually… his is all unrequited love pining for some girl who likes him but “just as friends” and he would lie down in front of a freight train for her.  My niece has some photos that I think are tasteless and had some references to adult beverages.  The big thing was my nephews best friend was in photographs smoking.  I found this out via myspace a while back and have been wondering what to do about it.  I’m a smoker and not a hypocrite but when I got home tonight Donald (nephew) was IMming me and told me Robbie said “hi”.  I told him to tell Robbie that I said “hi and to quit smoking, he can’t afford it so quit now while you can”  Robbie denied smoking… until I told him what his brand was.  That led to a discussion of character.  If you’re going to do it then admit to it… especially when you’re caught.  And remember… Aunt Susie knows EVERYTHING.  I told Robbie I’d give him a pass for lying to me this time (he admitted he was scared) and he was still welcome in our house, etc. but not to do it again.  He said he wouldn’t.

I called my niece and talked to her about posting things hinting that she was drinking, etc.  She denied drinking and I actually believe her but we had the conversation about putting things about yourself out there in the universe to look cool that could come back to bite you in the butt later.  I pointed out to her that she had posted that she enjoyed alcoholic beverages… which for her is illegal.  She actually took our talk really well and wasn’t defensive (her normal reaction).  I told her I’d understand if she “unfriended” me and that if she was going to continue posting stuff like that she might want to or endure more calls from me.  She actually said, “I see no need to do that”

I also talked with all three of them about how what they put out on the internet is not as secure as they think it is and how you don’t have to be someone’s friend to necessarily know what’s on their page.  There is linking in through comments on photos and there’s always knowing someone else who is their friend, etc.

So that was my evening… parenting via facebook.  It’s never dull.


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