Thanks Babe!

jim periscope I’ve always told Jim I married him because I knew he’d be a great Daddy and I was right.  Last night Robert had a smidge of a fever.  He also threw up.  I think the fever is the teeth that are coming in and the throwing up was due to coughing from drainage due to  allergies…. but I wasn’t sure.  We decided it would be best if he stayed home today.  Oh no, not today, I can’t.  I simply can’t be gone from work until at least Wednesday.  I have two grants due and today I had a meeting with a panel of congressional representatives to discuss the stimulus package.  Jim said no problem, he’d stay home.  And he did.  And he’s staying home again tomorrow.  I can tell by Robert’s eyes he’s not feeling good.  Still no significant amount of fever and only throws up if he’s having a coughing fit but would probably benefit by seeing the doctor and the first appointment available was tomorrow at 11:30am.

I went to my meeting this morning and ran into a woman who is very well respected in the KC non-profit community.  She turned me down for a job in January 2007 but sent the most gracious turn down letter you’ve ever seen.  When she saw me she came over to see where I’m at now and ask how I’m doing.  I got to share with her that it was good I didn’t take the job since two months later I quit working while having a miserable pregnancy.  She hugged me and took my card.  Before we parted she said she needed to hug me again.  Turns out the person they hired instead of me didn’t stay on so they had to go through the process all over again.  The job I’m in now is so great because of the people I work with and the on-site preschool that I’m not looking currently but she’s a good person to have interested in where you are and what you’re doing.

This afternoon I finished up the small bits I had left to do on my two grants.  Unfortunately my boss wasn’t in today so tomorrow she’ll sign off on them and they’ll be out the door.  Next on the list is design print collateral for our spring dinner/auction.

Tonight I was able to get a lot done around the house.  It’s nice to have some energy and getting stuff done makes me want to get more done.  Right now there is a lot that needs to be done since we’ve been busy/out of town the past two weekends.


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  1. Hope the little man is feeling better. Love hearing about your job, sounds fun really. I miss being around so many people in a work environment. We only have four people on our nights team at the hosital, and it’s usually the same group of people. A change would be nice. Hope you are well… Kyra¥

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