Catching Up

Here’s some shots of things that have been happening around here the past few weeks.

At the Kansas City Pet Expo…

rc pet expo stroller

Ready to go!

rc pet expo dog

Nice doggie!!!

rc pet expo cat

Can we get Cosmo a brother???

We’ve also had a whole lot of cheesy, cute face…

rc cute face

We’ve practiced our handwriting (he loves pens!)

rc writing 1

RC writing 2

RC Writing 3

Playing with Donald & Erika

Cousin Donald brought Robert a Slurpee!

RC Slurpee

rc & dkt

Cousin Erika & Robert shared texting tips

RC & EMT Texting

RC & EMT Texting 2

RC & EMT Texting 3

Woofstock — A Festival for Dogs & People


RC Bandana

Harley got a bandana in the goodie bag… but Robert thought it looked good on him!


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One response to “Catching Up

  1. Great photos… Wow Robert is really growing up fast. He looks like this BIG boy now… not so much a baby. :o( I really enjoy the cousin photos, and find that as an adult, I really like looking back to when I spent time with my cousins. The top photo just steals my heart as does the bottom pen pic. Such a doll… :o) Hope you are well… Kyra¥

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