Family Time!

They were having a Mother/Daughter Tea at my Mom’s church yesterday so she invited me to go with her.  My Aunt Barb joined us too.  IT was a lot of fun.  The boys hung out at the house while we were at the tea and afterwards we had a little Kentucky Derby party where NONE of our horses did worth a squat!

Of course, my Mom had “talked with Robert” and helped him get a Mother’s Day gift for me.  I love it and can’t wait to fill it with treats!

Mommy plate gift

He also arranged a present from Aunt Barb.  He is really into giving gifts.

Robert carrying gift

Robert giving gift

Robert was all over my Mom… following her around, loving on her.  I love this picture of him kissing her.

Robert Kissing Granny

Robert played in the yard with Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward.  It’s rained so much lately the grass was knee high for him!

Robert in yard with Aunt Barb

Robert in yard with Uncle Ward

Robert had a lot of fun trying on hats to watch the Derby.

Robert hat over face

Robert peeking from derby hat

After a great dinner Robert really liked the strawberry shortcake… actually, he really liked the cool whip on the strawberry shortcake!

Robert Shortcake


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