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Where the Heck Have I Been? (Part 4)

Almost done with the marathon posts.  This morning we decided to head down to the Plaza to the Dragon Boat Festival.  Robert was ready to go when we got there (again with the life saving harness)

DBR - Ready to Go

He kept pointing to the water and saying look!

DBR - Look!

He practically pulled Daddy across the bridge.

DBR - Bridge Sign

DBR - Crossing Bridge

We checked out the kiddie area and a nice woman made him a Dragon Medallion necklace.  He told her “thank you”.

DBR - TY For My Medalion

We had a while before the races started so we walked around the Plaza. Robert decided to have Daddy carry me for a bit.

DBR - On Daddy's Shoulders

We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  It was really good.  The waitress was amazed that Robert knew his colors and could pick whatever color crayon I asked for.


We passed a fountain on the way back to the races…he was really curious about it.

DBR - Fountain Curiosity

DBR - Fountain Curiosity 2

We found a nice bench to sit on to wait for the races.

DBR - Waiting on Bench

We watched the races for a while and then Robert started getting a little antsy and I was worried about keeping him away from the water’s edge.

DBR - Boat on Water

DBR - Boats on Water

He fell asleep on the way home.

DBR - Tuckered Out

Other things that have been happening is I’ve started reading again.  I missed reading for pleasure so I’ve started trying to read before bedtime again.  I finished “Handle With Care” by Jodi Piccoult.  She also wrote “My Sister’s Keeper” which is now a movie.  She has a really interesting writing style where she writes the chapters from the perspective of each character in the book.  I’m now working on Jeffery Deaver’s (Bone Collector) “The Bodies Left Behind”.

As you can see over the past FOUR updates I’ve got a ton of photos that need to be scrapped.  I’m hoping to get a chance to do that some the next few weeks too.

Next weekend we’re going to Lincoln, NE to spend time with Jim’s family.  Everyone is converging on his sister’s house.  (we’re getting a hotel room).  I hope the weather cooperates as we’re planning a lake trip for Saturday.


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Where the Heck Have I Been? (Part 3)

Wow.. Part 3… we have been busy.  I almost forgot to put in my medical trauma.  Memorial Day weekend there was a stray kitten outside so of course, I went to rescue it.  Well… it did not want to be rescued so it bit me.  Hard!  By Tuesday it was infected and I was at the doctor’s office.  I got some anti-biotics and a tetanus booster.  The next day I had a moderate reaction to the tetanus shot.  I thought I was going to die.  EVERY joint in my body ached… hell my toe joints ached.  I had fever/chills.  It sidelined me for two days.  Luckily it passed quickly.  Still haven’t seen hide nor hair of that damn cat since.

The week Jim decided Robert needed a computer.  So we set up the Mac Book for him.  I got this computer a few years ago and just never got the hang of it.  I am most definitely a PC but it looks like my son is a Mac.  He loves, loves, loves Sesame

RC Mac 1

RC Mac 2

RC Mac 4

We had his Parent/Teacher conference at school this week.  He is right on track with everything.  He’s starting to rebel a bit at times but for the most part is doing great.  He loves creative activities like painting and coloring so I’m trying to let him do more of that at home.   I figure if we keep everything he has access to washable then it will all be ok.

Friday was teacher development day at the preschool so that meant no school.  It also meant our annual trip to Deanna Rose Farmstead with Aunt Barb.  We had such a good time.  We also got to test out the new harness.  We’re at that stage where he wants more independence but that’s not always an easy thing to give him.  This harness back pack has been a life saver!  He loves it and can’t wait to put it on and he doesn’t mind the lead part of it being attached (for now).  It also has a really cool cup holder.

DRF - Looking In

DRF - Baby Goats 

DRF - Baby Goats 2

DRF - Baby Goats 3

DRF - Baby Goats 4

DRF - Baby Goats 5

DRF - Baby Goats 6

DRF - Baby Goats 7

DRF - Bottle Feeding

DRF - Bottle Feeding 2

DRF - Bottle Feeding 3

DRF - Bottle Feeding 5

DRF - Bottle Feeding 8

DRF - Chickens

DRF - Feeding Calf

DRF - Goat 1

DRF - Goat 2

DRF - Goat 3

Robert with the brick we bought commemorating his first visit to the farm with Aunt Barb last year.

DRF - RC & Brick

After the farm we went to lunch then back to Aunt Barb’s house.  Robert played with Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward and after about an hour or so grabbed his bag, walked over to the door and said bye.  After he gave hugs and kisses we left.  It was kind of funny that he had decided it was time to go.  We stopped at Daddy’s office on the way home to see everyone there.  When we got home I thought he’d go to sleep but he didn’t.  Later on he fell asleep in his mashed potatoes… literally.

DRF - Asleep

DRF - Asleep 2

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Where the Heck Have I Been (Part 2)

June 6th was the wedding.  Jessica was a beautiful bride.  Robert proved to his Granny he does know who she is.  Mom’s a bit worried that she isn’t as close to him as Donald and Erika since she doesn’t have him daily (raising him) like she did them.  After the wedding we caught up with her outside and he gave her kisses.  When she headed to her car to go to the reception he put up a fuss.  As we were crossing the street he was yelling “HEY!” at her.  At the reception she was the only person other than Jim and I that he would let touch him.  He gave her lots of kisses.  It did her a lot of good to know he does KNOW who she is and he does love her very much.


The next morning we met Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward at Old Shawnee Days for the Rotary Pancake Breakfast.  He was ready to go in his bright new shirt.

OSD - Ready to Go!

Afterwards we spent some time walking around.  They were doing a new thing this year where there were different stations set up to learn about life in the early 1900s, you got a card and if you got three stations punched you got a prize… so we decided to do it.

Robert learned how to do laundry…

OSD - Wash - Youve Got to be Kidding
(albeit reluctantly)
OSD - Wash Washboard

OSD - Wash Clothes Line

He learned about phones that had dials…

OSD - Telephone

Then he went to visit the petting farm… where he loved all the sheep.  He really loves petting zoos!

OSD - Sheep - Look SHEEP

OSD - Sheep 3

OSD - Sheep - Yeah Sheep

OSD - Sheep 4

OSD - Sheep - Tongue

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Where the Heck Have I Been (Part 1)

I  can’t believe it’s been a month since I blogged…. sheesh!  Life has been so busy right now.  I have kept up Robert’s blog a little better since when I don’t… people call me to complain.  I think I’m in a little better frame of mind since I last blogged… I hope.  I hate being so negative.  I’m almost a week into my 30 days of hell at work.  Between June 9 and July 9:
     June 9 – Wine Tasting & Art Show Fundraiser (we raised over $700)
     June 15 — Foundation grant due
     June 25 – Foundation grant due
     June 25 — Dinner & Auction Fundraiser (goal $12,000)
     July 1 — State grant due
     July 9 — Federal grant due
July 10th cannot get here soon enough!!!  Except it’s going to get here quick enough as it is.  Oh well… keeping the nose to the grind stone and powering through.  It has to be done.  The federal grant is the only one I think is a long shot for us… and everyone else knows that too so it’s not like I’m the Lone Ranger.  It will be a good experience for us to go through though.

The wedding shower went really well.  Jessica is such a beautiful young woman.  I met her family over 20 years ago when I was in high school.  I babysat for her and her three younger brothers.  Her family jokes that I was their family’s nanny.  I was in charge of the little welcome at the beginning of the shower and I couldn’t believe that I teared up.  She’s just such a special young woman.

Jessica and Susie

Memorial Day weekend we decorated at my family’s cemeteries on Saturday and stopped to see my Mom.  She had a good time playing with Robert.  He was on fire.  That morning he really thought he should be able to quit using his car seat.  This has become a constant battle… he hates sitting in it and battles like crazy but once he’s buckled in he’s fine.  It’s the 10 minute battle getting him buckled that is about to do me in.  Anyway… Jim thought it was cute him sitting in the seat like a big guy… I’m thinking that day is going to come soon enough!

RC Jeep

We got Robert’s swing put up and started filling his pool.  He loves both of them.

RC Pool Boy 1

RC Pool Boy 2

RC Pool Boy 3

RC Pool Boy 4

RC Pool Boy 6

RC Pool Boy 11

RC Pool Boy 12

Robert taught Harley to drink from the hose.

RC Harley Hose 1

RC Harley Hose 3

RC Harley Hose 5

RC Harley Hose

And she taught him to drink from the pool… :::sigh:::

RC Harley Drink 1

RC Harley Drink 2

RC Harley Drink 3

RC Swing

RC Swing 3

RC Swing 4

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