Where the Heck Have I Been? (Part 4)

Almost done with the marathon posts.  This morning we decided to head down to the Plaza to the Dragon Boat Festival.  Robert was ready to go when we got there (again with the life saving harness)

DBR - Ready to Go

He kept pointing to the water and saying look!

DBR - Look!

He practically pulled Daddy across the bridge.

DBR - Bridge Sign

DBR - Crossing Bridge

We checked out the kiddie area and a nice woman made him a Dragon Medallion necklace.  He told her “thank you”.

DBR - TY For My Medalion

We had a while before the races started so we walked around the Plaza. Robert decided to have Daddy carry me for a bit.

DBR - On Daddy's Shoulders

We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  It was really good.  The waitress was amazed that Robert knew his colors and could pick whatever color crayon I asked for.


We passed a fountain on the way back to the races…he was really curious about it.

DBR - Fountain Curiosity

DBR - Fountain Curiosity 2

We found a nice bench to sit on to wait for the races.

DBR - Waiting on Bench

We watched the races for a while and then Robert started getting a little antsy and I was worried about keeping him away from the water’s edge.

DBR - Boat on Water

DBR - Boats on Water

He fell asleep on the way home.

DBR - Tuckered Out

Other things that have been happening is I’ve started reading again.  I missed reading for pleasure so I’ve started trying to read before bedtime again.  I finished “Handle With Care” by Jodi Piccoult.  She also wrote “My Sister’s Keeper” which is now a movie.  She has a really interesting writing style where she writes the chapters from the perspective of each character in the book.  I’m now working on Jeffery Deaver’s (Bone Collector) “The Bodies Left Behind”.

As you can see over the past FOUR updates I’ve got a ton of photos that need to be scrapped.  I’m hoping to get a chance to do that some the next few weeks too.

Next weekend we’re going to Lincoln, NE to spend time with Jim’s family.  Everyone is converging on his sister’s house.  (we’re getting a hotel room).  I hope the weather cooperates as we’re planning a lake trip for Saturday.


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