Where the Heck Have I Been (Part 2)

June 6th was the wedding.  Jessica was a beautiful bride.  Robert proved to his Granny he does know who she is.  Mom’s a bit worried that she isn’t as close to him as Donald and Erika since she doesn’t have him daily (raising him) like she did them.  After the wedding we caught up with her outside and he gave her kisses.  When she headed to her car to go to the reception he put up a fuss.  As we were crossing the street he was yelling “HEY!” at her.  At the reception she was the only person other than Jim and I that he would let touch him.  He gave her lots of kisses.  It did her a lot of good to know he does KNOW who she is and he does love her very much.


The next morning we met Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward at Old Shawnee Days for the Rotary Pancake Breakfast.  He was ready to go in his bright new shirt.

OSD - Ready to Go!

Afterwards we spent some time walking around.  They were doing a new thing this year where there were different stations set up to learn about life in the early 1900s, you got a card and if you got three stations punched you got a prize… so we decided to do it.

Robert learned how to do laundry…

OSD - Wash - Youve Got to be Kidding
(albeit reluctantly)
OSD - Wash Washboard

OSD - Wash Clothes Line

He learned about phones that had dials…

OSD - Telephone

Then he went to visit the petting farm… where he loved all the sheep.  He really loves petting zoos!

OSD - Sheep - Look SHEEP

OSD - Sheep 3

OSD - Sheep - Yeah Sheep

OSD - Sheep 4

OSD - Sheep - Tongue


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