Where the Heck Have I Been? (Part 3)

Wow.. Part 3… we have been busy.  I almost forgot to put in my medical trauma.  Memorial Day weekend there was a stray kitten outside so of course, I went to rescue it.  Well… it did not want to be rescued so it bit me.  Hard!  By Tuesday it was infected and I was at the doctor’s office.  I got some anti-biotics and a tetanus booster.  The next day I had a moderate reaction to the tetanus shot.  I thought I was going to die.  EVERY joint in my body ached… hell my toe joints ached.  I had fever/chills.  It sidelined me for two days.  Luckily it passed quickly.  Still haven’t seen hide nor hair of that damn cat since.

The week Jim decided Robert needed a computer.  So we set up the Mac Book for him.  I got this computer a few years ago and just never got the hang of it.  I am most definitely a PC but it looks like my son is a Mac.  He loves, loves, loves Sesame Street.com

RC Mac 1

RC Mac 2

RC Mac 4

We had his Parent/Teacher conference at school this week.  He is right on track with everything.  He’s starting to rebel a bit at times but for the most part is doing great.  He loves creative activities like painting and coloring so I’m trying to let him do more of that at home.   I figure if we keep everything he has access to washable then it will all be ok.

Friday was teacher development day at the preschool so that meant no school.  It also meant our annual trip to Deanna Rose Farmstead with Aunt Barb.  We had such a good time.  We also got to test out the new harness.  We’re at that stage where he wants more independence but that’s not always an easy thing to give him.  This harness back pack has been a life saver!  He loves it and can’t wait to put it on and he doesn’t mind the lead part of it being attached (for now).  It also has a really cool cup holder.

DRF - Looking In

DRF - Baby Goats 

DRF - Baby Goats 2

DRF - Baby Goats 3

DRF - Baby Goats 4

DRF - Baby Goats 5

DRF - Baby Goats 6

DRF - Baby Goats 7

DRF - Bottle Feeding

DRF - Bottle Feeding 2

DRF - Bottle Feeding 3

DRF - Bottle Feeding 5

DRF - Bottle Feeding 8

DRF - Chickens

DRF - Feeding Calf

DRF - Goat 1

DRF - Goat 2

DRF - Goat 3

Robert with the brick we bought commemorating his first visit to the farm with Aunt Barb last year.

DRF - RC & Brick

After the farm we went to lunch then back to Aunt Barb’s house.  Robert played with Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward and after about an hour or so grabbed his bag, walked over to the door and said bye.  After he gave hugs and kisses we left.  It was kind of funny that he had decided it was time to go.  We stopped at Daddy’s office on the way home to see everyone there.  When we got home I thought he’d go to sleep but he didn’t.  Later on he fell asleep in his mashed potatoes… literally.

DRF - Asleep

DRF - Asleep 2


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