Another Marathon Post!

Summer is here and we are on the go!  On Father’s Day weekend we headed to Jim’s sister’s house in Nebraska to meet up with the rest of the family for the yearly family gathering.  Color Wonder helped Robert pass the miles in the car. I was busy reading Early Head Start regulations in the back seat as part of the whirlwind at work.Fri - Robert Markers

Our hotel had a small patio where Robert enjoyed yelling directions at Daddy as he unloaded the car.

Fri - Robert Patio

Of course we had to have a workspace for Mommy.  As I checked into the office via email, Robert checked his phone messages.

Fri - Robert Hotel Phone

Robert’s cousin Aaron made his day by letting him see the baby ducks and chicks.

Fri - Robert - Chicken

Cousin Aaron showed me all his animals.  The baby ducks were cute.

Fri - Robert Aaron Ella - Duck

Fri - Robert Aaron Ella Duck 2

Fri - Robert Ella Anna Swings

Fri - Robert & Ella Eating on Porch

Fri - Robert Ella Coloring

Ella is absolutely in love with Baby Robert… except he doesn’t follow directions really well and it exasperates her sometimes.

Fri - Robert Asleep

Friday night we ate, and caught up with everyone, and ate… and laughed and enjoyed being together as a family.  By the time we got back to the hotel Robert was absolutely tuckered out!.  We used Priceline for the hotel and got a really great deal on a nice room, but it was a little further away from the house than we would have preferred… it’s a trade off.

Saturday morning Aunt Debbie had planned an outing for the girls (and Jim and Robert) to the Sunken Gardens and Lincoln Zoo.  The flowers were very pretty.

Sat - Sunken Gardens Robert & Mommy

Sat - Sunken Gardens Robert Ready to Go

Sat - Sunken Gardens Steps

Sat - Sunken Gardens Fish Pond

There was also a really cool fish pond.

Sat - Sunken Gardens Robert Fish

Sat - Zoo - Dawn & Ella

Sat - Zoo Sheri & Nic

Sat - Zoo - Family Caterpillar

Sat - Zoo Robert Feeding Goats

Sat - Zoo - Bubbles

Sat - Zoo Nic Turtle

Sat - Zoo Robert & Daddy

Sat - Zoo Sarah

Sat - Zoo Egg Ella & Robert

Sat - Zoo Robert Egg

Sat - Zoo Anna Dawn Ella Egg

Sat - Zoo Robert & Debbie

We even got to ride a train.

Sat - Zoo Robert Train

Sat - Zoo Ella on Train

Saturday was Uncle Gary & Aunt Sheri’s anniversary so we had a party… and cake!

Sat - Robert on Porch

Sat - Party

Sat - Quilt

Sat - Quilt 2

Sunday we all had breakfast together and then headed for home.  It was such a fun weekend… I’m ready to go back.

Sun - Anna Debbie Dawn Ella

Sun - Sarah & Anna

Sun - Ella Robert Debbie Gifts

Sun - Hoovers

Sun - Shirley & Phillip

Sun - Scott & Chelsea

Sun - Hostetlers


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