By the weekend of the June 26th I had finished both the fundraisers for work… both of which were very successful.  The dinner/auction did $4000 better than last year.  Two of the four grants were done and I was ready for some quality time with my boys. 

Roberts class had studied about trains all week so after being pretty much a sloth on Saturday, I decided Sunday we’d go see some train stuff.  We headed to Crown Center and ate at Fritz’s.  It’s a restaurant with a train them that delivers your food to your table via a train.  Robert loved it.

Fritz - RC Conductor

Fritz - RC Train

Fritz - RC Watching Food

Fritz - RC Eating

After lunch we went to see an exhibit where everything was made out of Legos.  You could look… but you could NOT touch!

LEGO - Lennon RC & Mommy

LEGO - Lennon POint 

Then we walked across a glass cross walk to Union Station to see the model trains there.  Robert loved looking out at the cars beneath me.

LINK - Looking Out

US - RC Looking at Trains

US - RC Pointing at Trains

On the way back to Crown Center he hitched a ride on Daddy’s shoulders.

LINK - Shoulder Ride

Then we went to the Crayola Store.  I shopped while Robert & Jim colored.  We were told in his parent/teacher conference that Robert really loves art time, especially painting.  I found a lot of great color wonder stuff for Robert and some new crayons.CS - Coloring

Afterwards he checked out my purchases and seemed to approve.

CS - Looking in Bag

CS - Looking in Bag 2


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