So… the beginning of July was taken up with the EHS grant at work.  Good Lord I thought it was going to kill us all.  It was several late nights that culminated in July 8.. my Dad’s birthday.  I worked at the office the night before until 10:30pm.  The next morning I was up bright and early to go make a case for a new MO-DOT van.  That process is interesting.  You submit your grant then you go before a local committee of your peers and defend your proposal and then each committee member in good standing has a ballot to rank the submissions.  After the oral presentations we were ranked #2… we are guaranteed a new van for the adult program… a 15 passenger van with a raised roof and wheel chair lift… that was a rocking good way to start the day.  At 5:00pm we realized we had the budget wrong.  My boss and I finally submitted our grant at 1:30am…. an incredibly LONG day!  We’ll know in October if we were successful.  And that ended 30 days of development hell for me.  The good news is I already know we got two of the grants… the van grant and another grant for van maintenance.  The remaining three grants we will find out about in October.  Things are still busy at work and there is always a lot to do but it’s not as insane as that 30 days.


Today was my Mom’s birthday.  We took her out to lunch Saturday.  Here she is in her new car.  It’s the first car she’s bought on her own.  My Dad always bought the cars… she had a say in what she wanted but cars were definitely dad’s department.  She got a 2006 low mileage Mercury Sable and really likes it.  I’m proud that she really did it all on her own… that’s a bit intimidating.

Mom New Car

We also went to a puppet show on Saturday at the Puppetry Arts Institute.  Robert had the most fun looking at all the puppets in the museum.  He also got a cat finger puppet when we left and he loves it.

rcw puppet show

Other things that happened in July…

Jim, Donald and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie.  Donald and I have been to every Harry Potter movie on opening day and I was so happy that he didn’t want to break tradition.  Erika is not as much of a Harry Potter fan so she volunteered to babysit Robert so that Jim could go.  She was an awesome babysitter.  I warned her that he would cry when we left…. so of course, he didn’t.  He could have cared less that we were gone.  Until about 9:30… then he was a little upset.

Robert also got his first T-Ball set in July (because Jim thought golf might be too frustrating for him)


RCW TBall 2

He really liked his swim trunks (although he’s decided he hates his pool)

RCW Big Goofball

RCW Ready to Swin

RCW Big Kahuna

He’s taken an interest in photography.  The other day I heard him behind me yelling… “SAY CHEEEZZZZEEEEE”  I turned around and he had my big camera.  They had pictures at school today and apparently he followed the photographer around saying “CHEEEZZZZEEEE”.

RCW Say Cheese


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