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Fun Weekend

In my quest to help the economy, we headed out shopping on Saturday.  First stop was Cabelas.  I knew Robert would love the aquariums and he did.  I can’t wait until he’s big enough to go fishing.  I’m looking forward to the day he’s big enough to go fishing and camping.Cabelas Aquarium

Cabelas Aquarium 2

He was having a really good time playing with Jim’s hat and putting it on his head so we chose a new Life is Good Chill Cap for him.  He now won’t leave the house without it.

Cabelas Daddy's Hat

He was not as impressed with the animals… probably because they were not moving.

Cabelas Elephants

Cabelas Elephants 2

Then he decided it might be more fun to switch hats.  Keep in mind, Daddy has no idea what I am doing.

Cabelas Switch Hats

After Cabelas we stopped at Osh Kosh and Carter’s .  They were both having big sales and I had 20% off coupons.  Got a ton of cute shirts for him and a few new pairs of pant.  He’s a size 3T in weight and 2T in height… ugh.  So he has a few pairs of jeans/pants that still fit for fall (or next week with as daffy as the weather has been lately!) but needed new shirts.  I think I wound up with 9… and a new jacket.  While I was shopping he and Daddy went to the bakery to have a snack and a drink.  When I got there he was flirting through the window with a woman who was eating at one of the outdoor tables.  That’s my boy.  When we got home he was tuckered out!RC Tuckered Out

RC Tuckered Out Close Up

Today we did some work around the house and then decided it was time for an ice cream break.  Of course, Robert chose the blue ice cream.  It was deeeelicious!  He was really into it.







We have also started some home organization projects this weekend.  There is just too much stuff and it needs to be tackled so we’re doing it bit by bit.  Today was the closet in the living room and the linen closet in the hallway.  Three piles: toss, give away, find a home.  I’m hoping by doing little chunks at a time we will get through it all.  The other rule is once a give away bag is full we take it to the donation box immediately!

It’s shaping up to be another busy week. Tuesday I have a late meeting; Wednesday Jim is out of town so I’m taking Robert back to Air Zone along with our HR Manager’s twin 9 year olds; Thursday is pizza night; Friday starts my home town’s annual celebration Puddle Jumper Days.  Robert and I are going out Friday to do the “Build A Hug” quilt project that my Mom heads up every year (more on the with pictures next week).  Friday they are having a hungry caterpillar party in Robert’s class and even though he won’t be there I’m going to drop off these cupcakes on our way out of town.  I’ll be sure to take a picture of how mine comes out.

My 20 year class reunion picnic is Saturday out home again.  I’m going… there are a few people I’d like to see.  Some I’ve caught up with on Facebook and I have to say, some people have changed a lot since high school and others haven’t changed at all (that is not a compliment).  Then on Sunday I’m going to see Are We There Yet at the American Heartland Theater with my Mom and aunts.  Going to be an exhausting, fun week.


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