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Is It Saturday Yet???

I really can’t remember the last time I was this ready to get out of town.  Seriously… when tagging along on one of Jim’s business trips is the highlight of my quarter something is wrong!  This will actually be the first time we’ve taken Robert somewhere with the intent of vacation stuff and not just do touristy stuff while visiting family.  There is so much I want to do I think the poor kid is going to be exhausted!  On Saturday we’re hoping to do Grant’s Farm and the St. Louis Arch.  On Sunday we’re doing the zoo and the children’s museum and ending the day with dinner at Jim’s cousin’s house.  I’m hoping Monday Robert decides it would be a good idea to sleep in!

Speaking of sleeping… that boy of mine.  All of a sudden he doesn’t want to sleep anywhere but with me.  And Daddy is NOT welcome.  If I announce I’m going to bed Robert grabs his pillow and blankey, waves good-bye to Jim and is right behind me.  Jim came in to try to squeeze in the bed the other night and Robert said, “STOP!  NO DADDY!  BYE DADDY!”  Eventually we’re going to have to get a better bed time routine.  For now this is working.  His allergies are dealing him a fit and it’s kind of nice having him close.  I put his humidifier up on the night stand so it’s kind of raining down over him and he’s had three nights of very peaceful sleep.

In anticipation of a four hour road trip I bought the Jack’s Big Music Show DVD.  WE LOVE JACK!!!  Robert never had a whole lot of interest in TV, and still doesn’t for the most part.  But one night he was diddling around in our bedroom and I turned the channel to Jack… Robert immediately climbed up on the bed, laid on his tummy with his chin in his hands and didn’t move!  It’s hilarious to watch him act out along with the opening song.  I have to get that video’d one of these days.

A biter has popped up in Robert’s preschool room.  Yesterday we found a small bite on his ribs… today it was a HUGE bite on his back.  Ugh.  I know it’s a rite of passage… but when it’s your kid being bitten every day it sucks.

I’ve got so much to do so we can leave.  We need to do laundry and pack.  I need to go pick up a new car seat for Jim’s car since Robert has outgrown the one that is in there.  The biggest problem I’m having is I have a 36 pound 2 year old… most of the car seats with harnesses go up to 40 pounds and then it’s best positioning booster… for 3 year olds…  It’s a bit frustrating but I think I’ve found one that will serve us well for a bit… or at least is inexpensive enough that if we go through another big growth spurt it won’t kill me that we’re replacing it.  The primary car seat is in my jeep and that one will need to be replaced soon too.  Joy of joys.

Tonight is pizza and Wii night with the kids.  Erika called and is definitely coming… no word on Donald yet.  Must go get ready for that.


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Too Stinking Cute!

A few weeks ago when we were out shopping with my Aunt and Uncle my Aunt picked out this shirt and hat for Robert.  Just too stinking cute I tell ya!

RC Safari Outfit 1

RC Safari Outfit 2

RC Safari Outfit 3

Today was one of those quiet days… actually it started last night.  Poor Robert kept waking up with night terrors.  Actually, he doesn’t wake up but he just cries uncontrollably.  Generally if I hold him and talk to him he goes back to sleep.  Made for a long night for me so Jim let me sleep in… until 11… that blew a hole out of the day.  Logged on to FB and my friend Amy invited us to go ride the train at the park down the street from our house later in the afternoon.  We drive by the train a lot but have never stopped.  For $.50 you get to ride around the track twice… it’s quite a bargain.  All volunteer run… think a bunch of train crazy grandfathers.  Robert loved it.  We will be going back.

Bye Bye

Waiting To GO

Whee Train!

RC & Mommy Train

Next week Jim is teaching in St. Louis so Robert and I have decided to take off and tag along.  We could all use some time out of town.  Usually Jim doesn’t leave until Sunday but since there is so much family stuff to do I decided we could spring for one night at the hotel and go Saturday morning.  I’m even kenneling the dog on Friday night so we can leave as early Saturday morning as possible.  I’m REALLY ready to go.  They’ve got a fabulous zoo, the arch, Grant’s Farm and a nationally renown children’s museum.  Monday and Tuesday Robert and I will explore on our own while Jim teaches.

Life is busy right now.  Work is busy… crazy busy some days with program expansion and waiting to hear about grants.  Home life seems busy… we’re always doing something… and there is always something that needs to be done.  I’m trying to find balance… balance that doesn’t include me staying up all night finishing something.  I want time to scrapbook… time to order photos to send to family… I’m months behind on that.  There is a lot at the house that needs to happen on top of the daily cleaning.  I swear.. this friggin dog sheds (heavy!) 365 days a year!  Is it considered animal abuse to shave your lab???

Weekends I feel guilty if we don’t go out and do something fun as a family.  Doesn’t matter if it’s something small like the train I just keep looking at Robert (who has the gall to be turning 2 in one month!) and seeing how quickly he’s growing up and don’t want to miss a minute… but then I worry that he doesn’t have enough down time.  I’m driving myself crazy finding things to worry about!

Robert’s birthday party is going to be a farm theme.  My aunt is coming up with all kinds of ideas for the party… she loves him so much… and he snubs her every chance he gets.  But it’s funny, it’s like he KNOWS she really wants him to play with her and he’ll walk past her, smile shyly and go to my uncle.  I swear he’s going to give her a complex.

Tomorrow I’m headed out to Mom’s to go to a baby shower.  Robert and Jim are going to stay home.  I’m sorry Mom and Robert won’t have some time together but it’s just easier for them to stay home since Mom and I will be at the shower the majority of the time I’m there.

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Labor Day

Wow this year is just getting away from me.  If you want to see August.. go here.

I can’t believe it’s Labor Day already… summer is gone.  We didn’t really do a vacation this year so it doesn’t seem like it can be September already…but it is. Time is marching on.  In August we had my 20 year class reunion.  We went to the picnic in the afternoon and skipped the totally overpriced dinner ($40 a person for a golf course meeting room… get real Class of ’89 Divas)  This was the first reunion that I had gone to.  Since reconnecting with some folks through FaceBook I decided I couldn’t fly under the radar any longer.  I got to catch up with one friend I hadn’t seen since graduation… she was and still is the nicest person.  I was glad I got to catch up with her.  The odd thing about going back home, especially during the annual town celebration, is no one seems to know how to react to the fact that my son looks so much like my brother.  It’s funny to see them whisper it around my Mom… like she hasn’t noticed the resemblance.  I love watching her handle it with such tact and grace.  One of the town busy bodies whispered to me, with Mom 3 feet away, “Oh my, he looks like Brad”  Mom turned around, smiled, patted Robert on the head and said, “As it should be”.

Robert is growing up so fast.  He’s decided he would rather eat at the big table than his high chair so we got him a booster chair.  He LOVES sitting at the table.  I love having our meals together as a family.

RCW Table

Last weekend we met my Aunt and Uncle at the Legends to do a bit of shopping.  We picked out Robert’s Halloween costume… he will be a dragon this year.  He absolutely LOVES his costume.  We also got some new snuggly jammies.  I love a boy in snuggly jammies.

RCW Dragon 2

RCW Dragon 3

RCW Jammies

RCW Jammies 2

Last week was Monkey week in Robert’s preschool class.  Tuesday morning we headed out the door with our stuffed monkey…

RCW Monkey

Unfortunately it seems the Monkey Flu is going around the preschool so we wound up back home a few hours later with a sick little guy.  I stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday Jim stayed home with him.  He probably could have gone back to school but I just wanted to keep him out of the germ pool for another day.

Finally, Labor Day weekend got here.  Saturday morning we went to City Market.  Robert got to have a cinnamon roll for breakfast and loved it.

CM RCW Breakfast

Saturday night we went to a party at my adopted brother’s house.  My mom and aunt and uncle were there too.  Robert was sporting some of his new clothes and his new hair cut so I snapped a few pictures in the front yard before we left.  My little ham should be a model.

RCW Tree 3

RCW Tree 2

RCW Tree 1
RCW Tree 4

RCW Tree Face 

Today we got up and headed out to do a little shopping.  We wound up out by Deanna Rose Farmstead and decided it would be a shame to not stop since the weather was so gorgeous.  And of course, we cannot deny the Mayor of Goat-Ville the opportunity to see his loyal subjects.  This kid is crazy about goats.


DRF RCW Goat 2

DRF RCW Goat 6

DRF RCW Goat 7

DRF RCW Goat 8

DRF RCW Goat 5 

DRF RCW Goat 4

DRF RCW Goat 3

DRF RCW Goat Sit

He kept telling the goats to sit for their treats (like we do with Harley).  I couldn’t believe it when this goat actually sat.

DRF RCW & Mommy Swing

DRF RCW Cow Cut Out

The baby goats that you could bottle feed had apparently been well fed today.  They weren’t super interested in the bottles.  Robert went around to each goat with his bottle in hand asking, “Juice???”  This little goat he was trying to wake up so see if it wanted “juice”.

DRF RCW Goat 9

DRF Goat 10

Yes, my son kisses goats.

DRF RCW Goat 11

This goat wanted Robert’s attention and grabbed his shirt.

DRF RCW Goat Shirt

DRF RCW Goat Shirt 2

DRF RCW Running

After the farm we went and had gelatto…. yummy!

RCW Gelatto

Robert fell in love with the toy baby grand piano at the toy store.  I think he thought he was on Jack’s Big Music Show.

RCW Piano

RCW Piano 2

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